New Patient Portal System

I have had very fun trialling and choosing a new super-duper patient booking and records system now I am taking patients again.

So, when/if you become a patient where I am regularly reviewing your case, designing prescriptions and protocols etc, you will be invited to join the new Patient Portal system. Once you’ve created an account, it means I can keep your personal info, notes, test results and prescription details etc safe and secure all in one place. Nice and neat 🙂

So, don’t be surprised when you get an email asking you to create an account. Next, I will also send you some forms to complete, which you can fill in and submit straight from your email or in your account. You can upload any documents like test results or consultant letters etc you want me to see and I can send you anything useful too through the system. Importantly, all your prescriptions and protocols/advice/task reminders will be there for you to view anytime in chronological order. We can chat from the portal if you have any questions and we can even video chat/share screen through it for your appointments instead of Skype.

Image result for practicebetter image

Anyway, I hope it all works. Bear with me whilst I am setting it all up and learning! I better get on with it as I’ve got two new patients this week already…!

Hope it helps x

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