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Rx iconMany of you have been asking me to take your case on, do some research for you, send you a protocol to follow, keep tabs on you so you can progress etc etc, so I think (now I am feeling so much better consistently), the time has come to expand my clinic services again. Woo hoo!

So, I’ve added some extra services to help. I’ve written it all up on the shop page where you can book whatever you need. The Support Calls have been really great to do and have gone down really well, judging from all your feedback, but I know some of you were wanting me to do your prescriptions, regular reviews etc, so I’m hoping this should answer that need. I’ve deliberately tried to keep charges as low as I can, given the time each thing realistically takes for effective care and my almost 30 years’ experience, because affordable healthcare is really important to me. I’ve also separated things out so that there’s not one great huge initial consultation cost where the job can be done in less time. It’s more flexible, I hope, and a bit more ‘pay as you go.’ See what you think.

Here’s the blurb for you:

Here’s where you can get support from me. If you’re not sure what you need, don’t worry; just email me at and I’ll either answer if it’s quick or ask you to book some time for me.

Book a Quick Consultation or some Email Time if you don’t need a full consultation or have a few questions on your case, where to start, what tests might be needed etc. This is usually done by email but can be face to face, phone or Skype by arrangement. It takes about 15-20 minutes.

A Consultation is done face to face at my office in Cornwall overlooking the sea or Skype, preferably, but can be by phone (landlines only please!). This is our chance to chat about your case, discuss what’s been done, what hasn’t, what’s helped, what hasn’t etc and come up with some ways forward together. This takes about an hour usually. If your case is complex, it is best to book two so we have plenty of time and don’t have to rush. Once you have paid for a call via the shop, book yourself a slot here on my booking system and see the tips below. Puurlease don’t book one without paying for the call first or I will just unbook it! If doing it via Skype, my address is purehealthclinic.

Report/Prescription Preparation time is if we have decided I will go off and do some thinking and report back to you on some findings or prepare a protocol or prescription for you to follow. If necessary, I may send you a questionnaire to complete, just so I have a record of what meds or supplements you’re on, any sensitivities, plus a symptom checklist so we can measure progress if we review later.

Emails: I get a LOT of emails every day. Generally, I don’t charge for queries that take me less than a few minutes to answer. If you have more complex questions where I have to consider your notes, think/research or write a detailed reply, I will ask you to book some email time. You can either do pay as you go using the Email Time or book a block of 60 minutes and I will count down as we go along. I’ll put in red the number of minutes we’ve used at the end of each email so you can see where we are. I have found many people like the freedom of being able to ask anything whenever they like, hence this option is popular!

General Info..

I’m a generalist at heart so I like dealing with lots of different things. I’m not necessarily the person you’d come to about weight loss diets or sports nutrition; I’m more medical, if you like. I do an awful lot of adrenal, thyroid, allergy and gut work, but have interests in lots of areas. My clinical specialisms are gluten related disorderstrauma-triggered illness, unresolving chronic illness, especially hypersensitivity disorders and CSS (Central Sensitivity Syndrome ie. multiple-sensitivity to foods, chemicals, life etc!, CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic anxiety to name a few) and using mind-body medicine techniques as well as functional and naturopathic medicine. Yes, I am a busy bee!

I hope that all makes sense and helps. I look forward to it evolving and to helping you a bit more.

Meantime: is that what you need? Have I missed anything? Let me know.

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