Mini Progress Update

I last updated you on how I was doing in June. In that post, I mentioned quite a few things I was trying and some of you have kindly asked how I got on so I thought it was time for a mini-update.

As I concluded in the previous post:

I feel like a normal person who can’t eat things properly yet! I feel strong, confident, physically and mentally energetic, building a life more important than this illness. That is SO much better than the constantly-fatigued, in pain, very restricted, sad, ruled-by-fear, defined-by-illness woman of the last decade, I can tell you.

And, thankfully, that still holds true and has strengthened.


The craniosacral therapy continues as a general balancer, and I find it very helpful. I stopped the homeopathy because it was just too hard for my body to cope with. I had the second dose of the Nat Carb and had terrible jaw pain and mouth sores for several weeks. We were clearly on the right track for my body to do that, but I felt there had to be a less traumatic way of getting there, if you know what I mean! I felt it was re-traumatising me with pain, which is exactly what we DON’T want!

Instead, I had a few sessions of BWRT. Brain Working Recursive Therapy. This was a new one on me, akin to hypnotherapy but not quite the same. I had had one session a while back for a specific anxiety: being around people drinking was still triggering stress, thanks to memories of my alcoholic mother in childhood, no doubt. Anyway, it worked a dream and pretty much overnight, that anxiety went.

I chose BWRT because it chimes with the brain retraining stuff I have done and talked about in the Healing Plan (which is going down a storm, thank you :)). I decided to do what’s called an ‘Identity’ protocol where you have three sessions and the aim is to try and discover if your identity is somehow linked to your illness (in my case foods still not liking me much) and, if so, to help separate the two. I completed all the homework and sessions diligently and enjoyed it. I was expecting to be able to eat and drink better by the end of it, but that sadly didn’t happen. I was a bit naffed off, but it was worth a try.

However, just in the last couple of weeks, I have actually felt a distinct separation of me and my ‘illness.’ I can definitely say that we are two separate things. My mindset currently is that the illness is over ‘there’ and the real me is over ‘here’ somehow and that I have somehow come out from under it. It is difficult to explain. So, from thinking it was a waste of time, I am now actually starting to think some shift has happened, foods back in or not. I’ll take that. And, I look forward to seeing if it has any impact on the food tolerance in the coming weeks and months. Let’s hope so.

Hypersensitivity protocol…

I told you in the previous post that I had done a lot of testing and rootled out some detox gene issues that may go some way to explaining my resistant food intolerance. I was trying to put together a hypersensitivity protocol using some of Dr Shade’s products. Good and bad news on this. The minerals have gone in fine so far – and my migraines and restless legs are much better for them, hoorah! The DIM did not fare so well – and tasted disgusting! I’ve not tried the GABA/Theanine yet. Much more to do on this yet.


As part of my food reintroduction, I have been trying to find different ways of testing to see if I might react – to save on suffering mostly! One of you suggested I use a pendulum, but I’m not quite sure about that yet – any others recommend it? But I do know that pulse testing can be helpful – as I explain in the Allergy 101 factsheet.

So, I bought myself an oximeter – that is usually used to measure oxygenation levels, but it also has a pulse monitor on it and was cheap! I took my pulse first thing in the morning several times to establish a baseline – normally around 60 – and then took my pulse whilst calm before trying a food, holding it in glass (learned from my NAET days) or in my hand, then holding it in my mouth if possible. If my pulse hadn’t changed substantially, I tried a tiny bit, then took my pulse again 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes later.

It turns out so far that my pulse drops pretty sharply and rapidly if I am likely to react. Unfortunately sometimes only after I’ve eaten it, but then at least I know – I then take some charcoal or use the Bringing Down a Reaction factsheet ideas. I tried San Pellegrino sparkly water (in a glass bottle) and my pulse dropped to 51 – and stayed there for 2 days. No wonder I get such fatigue with reactions if my pulse is that low. I also got my usual head, jaw and mouth pain. With the minerals, my pulse was static. With the DIM, it dropped again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to drop until I’ve eaten it, as I say; it would be much more useful if it dropped when I was holding it, wouldn’t it?!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to! Generally, as I say, I feel better for the minerals going in and I think the BWRT has shifted me somehow. Just the foods still proving difficult and I suspect they will be until I can sort the detox stuff at least out. Overall, though, I feel pretty well. Full of energy, good focus and concentration, very little pain except for reactions and maybe a bit of perimenopause. Quite normal, in fact 🙂

So much so, that some clinic changes are afoot; I’ll tell you about that next….


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  1. I get Bad food reactions when I have a ( cold/flu , which is difficult to see because of a lack of symptoms).

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