Eight Steps To Healing Mini-Series: Step 5

HP edition 2To celebrate the launch of my new Healing Plan – now on Amazon at a fabulously-low price – I’m doing a mini-series of blog posts to introduce you to it.  The book is chock-full of info I hope will truly help release you from the grip of chronic illness and get you back on the path to better wellness.

Over the next few days, I’ll give you a flavour of what each step entails. I’ve adapted this from the first part of the book. The second part goes into a lot of detail about how exactly you work each step.

Here we go with Step Five…(catch up with all the steps here if you need to):

Change your environment

In many of the success stories I’ve read, people found a change of environment helpful. Altering your surroundings and getting out of your comfort zone appears to help break mental patterns and encourage the brain retraining to work.

I took this to the extreme and moved from Warwickshire to Cornwall; I now live right by the sea with the beach a three-minute walk away! It took a lot to do it but, ultimately, it helped tip me into latter-stage healing. I benefited from greater light, increased levels of negative ions around me, slower pace of life, and from getting further away geographically from places I associated with trauma. Don’t worry, research shows you can achieve the same result without going to the same lengths as I did! There are plenty of easy changes that you can make, and I’ll detail them later.

I was intrigued by my new, instinctive need to live by the sea. I kept having panic attacks when getting into the bath, I couldn’t tolerate even reverse osmosis (RO) filtered water from my plumbed-in system, and yet I needed to be near water. It was very odd so, of course, I started researching and that led to some fascinating findings about the importance of our environments in healing chronic illness.


Electricity and water

We are electrical beings; think how your heart pumps, your muscles contract and your nervous system works. And, like all electrical things, we have a positive and a negative charge. But, what if—in some people at least—our electrical charge was upset and was affecting our health and healing potential?

I was intrigued by the work of Dr Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, who studies water in the human cells and tissues, and its relationship with electrical charge. He believes that the water in our cells is not H2O, as we previously thought, and believes it’s actually a much more complex crystallised and ordered structure: H3O2.

He believes that we have positive and negatively charged water in our cells, activated by light, which acts like a battery sparking activity and life. Up until now, it’s been thought that we were pretty neutral, electrically-speaking, but these findings could throw new light on cellular function. I’ve included some interesting videos for you to watch, if you’d like to learn more, when it’s time to work this step.

Why is this important for our health?

Dr Pollack feels that this has huge health and healing implications. He believes that cells in sick people have less of this structured water in them and therefore less negative charge; this means less activity being sparked in the cells, leading to hypo-function of whatever system those cells are meant to be working for. Ultimately, the more positively-charged the body becomes, the less well it is.

We have known for years that the earth itself is negatively charged, so there is an argument that we should not be any different.

If his theory is correct, then we need to make sure we keep a good healthy amount of negatively-charged EZ water in our cells and—if we are suffering from chronic ill health—we need to take steps specifically to address this (assuming the EZ concentration has lowered). I’ll explain your options for achieving this when you’re ready for this step.



Connecting with the earth is also important. We pull negative electrons from the earth and they have a profound effect on how the body works, affecting mineral levels, oxygenation, immunity and, importantly for us, inflammation and the parasympathetic nervous system. Again, more details and instructions will follow when you’re ready for this step.



Our environment is vital. We need to improve our surroundings and our connection with nature.

Step 6 tomorrow….If you’d like to read more, see the Preview on Amazon here and get the book. If you do buy it, it looks a tad lonely and unloved at the moment, so do please leave me a review. Thank you. Let’s get well!

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