New Truly #Gluten Free Supplement Master List Inc Free Updates

truly gluten free supplements cover  As you know, I beaver away constantly on TGF stuff, and much of my time is spent on finding safe grain and dairy free supplements for us all.

I have now amalgamated the two previous supplement reports into a master list of Truly Gluten Free grain and dairy free supplements with a way for you to get regular free updates since it changes frequently!

I’ve added quite a few new products, deleted some that have changed since those two reports came out and have included several new sections like ‘Antihistamines’ and ‘Healers’, plus a core nutrient prescription and several suggested protocols for specific conditions like anxiety, pain, recurrent infections and brain fog to name a few.

For those of you following the TrulyGlutenFree diet and lifestyle, this will give you a core nutrient protocol to follow and give you ideas on what else might help. I have been meaning to give that to you for ages 😉

For those of you on the Barrier Plan, of course you have a specific detailed supplement protocol to follow BUT there are times when you have to find a substitute for something you can’t tolerate, or where you need something specific like a special antioxidant for heart health or and energy-booster, for example.  This list gives you the safe products to try.

For all of you, I’ve done the legwork – with some of you helping, thank you :)- so you don’t have to waste your time and energy querying suppliers. I can’t tell you how many emails I get a week about this subject where I have to say DON’T TAKE THAT!!! This list will at least give me a chance to say look at this one on page x instead..

Free Updates Included

This is an evolving area. It is correct, based on info provided to me as I go to press but it will inevitably develop as we find out more info, delete some products, consider changes to the ones listed and, hopefully, add new ones. I will endeavour to keep you updated on changes, and you can register to receive free email updates by clicking a link at the end of the report.

Just to give you an idea, I have been ready to give you this report about six times already and only today it changed again!!

So, hope it helps. I’m off for a lie down (fat chance there, actually, as I am way behind!!)



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