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A sent me this piece the other day about probiotics containing maltodextrin from GM corn, which does not legally have to be labelled there or here. I suspect it applies mostly to US probiotics but, just in case, I double-checked with Biocare as our relied-upon source of good probiotics. I have checked these out thoroughly several times and was pretty sure they would label it. They reassured me:

We generally don’t use maltodextrin in our probiotics, we do in our new AnteNatal BioFlora, a pregnancy probiotic but use potato maltodextrin. We understand that corn can be a problem for some individuals therefore we keep our probiotics as simple and pure as possible.

Good. I will ask the same question of our other products just in case and let you know anything I find out.

The probiotics are grown on FOS, which is derived from chicory.

Update: Kirkman say:

All of our probiotics are labeled corn free and do not contain maltodextrin, except for the Pro-bio Gold chewables, which contains dextrose which is corn derived. 

Update: ARG say:

The LPR contains FOS instead of maltodextrin and Saccharomyces Boulardii does not contain maltodextrin or FOS. 

So, all our chosen probiotics are indeed corn free 🙂

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  1. For those of you who are label-readers and watch for the Sins of Omission, then grab your favorite supplements some time and read the list of ingredients that they claim are NOT in the bottle. Quite often that is enough to let you know that it IS there. For example if it says: Does not contain: soy, wheat, yeast, sugar, starch, dairy, or oooga booga; then you might be amused to call the manufacturer like I did and ask why it did not list corn in the editing room. I was told by one of my favored pill-makers that the product did not have: soy, wheat, yeast, sugar, starch, dairy, or oooga booga. When I pressed the issue the same response was repeated, witches to say that they were telling me without telling me that corn was somehow in the mix. The best part of this is that it might even be a Double Whammy of not only corn MD but also GMOCMD. Isn’t that a hoot?

    1. Indeed. I have found that if it doesn’t state corn free, it can be that something somewhere has been fermented with it. Many nutrients are produced by fermentation it seems. Corn is ubiquitous in supplements, especially ‘gluten free’ ones, much like in the ‘gluten free food’.

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