Water Flouridation In Govt Hands Rather Than Water Companies

This is quite shocking. The current government is pushing through the flouridation of our water by putting the control with the health authorities rather than the water companies, who, thus far, have not agreed to do it. This is happening despite the legions of people who don’t want compulsory drugging of their daily fluid consumption and experts claiming it will lead to all manner of health problems.

In amendments to the water regulations, the power will shift and Health Minister Hazel Blears, when asked, said that:

anyone with concerns can drink bottled water or filter their tap water.

Charming. In other words, we have to pay twice for our water, the second time to filter out this unwanted addition.

So much for the people’s choice and being listened to. I would better you hundreds of pounds that the water in the House of Commons is filtered or bottled, and that Hazel Blears herself will have a filter ‘just in case’. Beggars belief.

Source: WDDTY enews. For more on flouridation concerns, see here and here. Read Flouride Action Network’s top ten facts about flouride and their 50 reasons to oppose flouridation.

5 Replies to “Water Flouridation In Govt Hands Rather Than Water Companies”

  1. Shocking. I certainly don’t want fluoride in my water thanks. Perhaps we need to set up an epetition and aim to get the necessary number of people to sign to force the government to debate the issue.

  2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me a bit. To be surprised I would have to be operating on the belief that they wanted to do what was in the best interest of the people… Not likely. Having lived in California so long, I gave up that fairy tale long ago…

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