Food Glorious (#Grain Free) Food: New Pinterest Recipe Boards!

Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.  I have come, I admit rather slowly, to the realisation that:

a) I am never going to have the time to write the TGF recipe books as there is SO much more to do, and anyway…

b) there are so many people who can do it better than me, so we may as well learn from the experts!

I have been busy beavering away adding recipes, hints and tips to a selection of Pinterest boards that I can share with you. I have already amassed about 75 ‘pins’ and I seem to find stuff daily.

So, if you need foodie inspiration, simply click this…:

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…and you will discover four foodie boards called

Grain Free Snacks

Grain Free Meals

Grain Free Baking and

Grain Free Sweet Treats

plus an extra one I have just started called Useful Articles where I will put anything I think might be useful for you to read.

In reality, this system helps me keep things together too, like a little scrapbook without the reams of ripped out food magazine pages I currently have all over my office ;).

Just click on any photo and it will open the board, then click on any photo of a recipe and it will take you straight to the webpage where I found it.

To get updates when I add a recipe or article, just follow me.

Hope you like them!

6 Replies to “Food Glorious (#Grain Free) Food: New Pinterest Recipe Boards!”

  1. Thank you soooooo much for these Micki, I can’t wait to have time to root through these!

    I spent the weekend making, curried celeriac and parsnip soup, muffins, chestnut brownies, flaxseed rolls, fresh juice, fruit salad, spotted dick with homemade mincemeat, and coleslaw. I’m still too slow at cooking though…must get quicker!!

    1. Blimey, that would have taken me all weekend! Well done. Liking the flaxseed rolls – is this the focachia recipe made into rolls? Just pinned Becky’s new seed rolls on the Baking board too which sounds similar then. Aren’t we inventive!

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