Non-Coeliac #Gluten Sensitivity Recognition

Lovely piece from Michelle at FoodsMatter this weekend giving us a fab round-up of the way that Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity is at last gaining full recognition as an illness.

Of course, I would think it was fab as I am credited as being one of the ‘way out, wacky’ people who started banging the drum about it a few years ago! Thanks Michelle. Me: way out and wacky? Well, OK, maybe a bit.

A useful article and it will make you feel less ‘out there’. I have to say it really boosted me; it’s hard and lonely sometimes going against the established way of thinking and I felt quite vindicated when I read this and SO glad I stood my ground. I re-read the No Grain, No Pain article I wrote for Michelle almost exactly two years ago, and I have to say I thought it was a darned brave wake-up piece; I hope many coeliacs read it at the time and came off grains!

Go and have a peek at Michelle’s article, whilst I take a bow 😉

Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity gains full recognition


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  1. Finally! What a relief, I’ve had a continuous cough for three years. The doctors said that a lot of people cough and they cannot always diagnose it. Allergists couldn’t tell me what’s causing it. I’m so re leaved that someone knows about this condition. Thought I had to just live with it.

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