Truly #GlutenFree Kelp Noodles

Sesame Kelp Noodles

I just spotted a recipe using kelp noodles on Elana Amsterdam’s site (she of the fab almond flour cookbook I’ve included here). I never thought of these. A new food for us – yay!

Check the recipe out here: Sesame Kelp Noodles. You can use the recipe or just make up your own, of course if you have a problem with sesame, plus you can use any nut or seed butter instead of almond if necessary.

You can get Kelp Noodles from Viva Pure. I have used this company before to buy raw chocolate stuff, coconut palm sugar etc too. Here are the ingredients: Water, kelp, sodium alginate (sodium salt extracted from a brown seaweed)Kelp-Noods

Clearspring Ume Plum Seasoning  500mlI note Elana recommends using Ume Plum seasoning/vinegar. I’ve actually got some in my cupboard but haven’t tried it yet – here’s a chance! You can get that from Goodness Direct.


Japanese ume plums (83%), sea salt (16%), red shiso (perilla) leaves (1%).

Other Information

Ume plum seasoning is the tangy red juice drawn from the kegs of mature umeboshi (Japanese ume plums pickled with the vivid red leaves of the shiso herb). A versatile, zesty seasoning that is convenient and easy to use, Ume Plum Seasoning adds refreshing flavour and goodness to many foods, including salad dressings, cooked vegetables, homemade quick pickles and colourful and creamy tofu dips and spreads. It goes especially well with members of the cabbage family. Just sprinkle a little on after cooking, toss and serve. A few drops mixed with chilled sparkling water also makes a refreshing drink. Note that when substituting this seasoning for vinegar, you should reduce or eliminate the salt in the recipe.

Have you tried kelp noodles before? What are they like? If not, have a go and let us all know what they taste like!

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