The Men Who Made Us Fat BBC Programme

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Note from C today about the BBC programme The Men Who Made Us Fat on Thursday night:

I’ve just finished watching this … did you catch the programme too this evening on BBC2?  I thought it was a good piece of reporting on the history of how we have got to our current processed / fast food culture and very interesting views on research around sugar / fat.  Echoes of what you have been teaching us  .. although I already know you are ahead of your time!! 🙂

 Would like to know your thoughts if you did catch it?

I didn’t as it goes. As I explained to C, sometimes it’s too much like a busman’s holiday to watch food/nutrition progs on telly after a day of talking about it non-stop! I hope to catch up with it soon, though. You can watch it on IPlayer (follow the link above) or your catch-up service. This first episode was about high fructose corn syrup and I believe the next one is about supersizing and promotional tactics airing on 21st June.

Did any of you see it? Thoughts?

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  1. Hi Everybody,

    About the only thing that we got out here Across The Pond from the Beeb was the World News and Are You Being Served reruns, so I did not see this show. I would, however, like to bring up what I feel is a very important point physiologically and psychologically. The use of the word: Fat is a very dangerous misnomer. In a large number of the grossly obese (numbering 60% in North America) what I typically perceive is that they have excessive FLUID overload NOT fat. Either condition may exist as a result of vaccination sequela as can be deduced from Harris Coulter’s testimony to Congress that the Pertussis Toxin is one of the most potent poisons on the planet and can take out Islet Cells. The epidemic of diabetes can probably be traced to the first DTP shots. With diabetes comes the complications of kidney disease and all of a sudden you have sugar and water handling problems. The Standard American Diet that seems to have invaded and infected every culture on Earth is made of nothing but indigestible starch so the body will do whatever it can with it and since it has no food value the people (regardless of whether they are ‘fat’ or not) are literally starving and that is what prompts them to eat more. Vicious cycle. Although Theron Randolph testified before Congress about the allergies provoked by Corn, Beet and Cane dextrins he was sent out of the room and the Corn Lobby entered and next the Sugar Crisis was engineered in the 1970s and High Fructose Corn syrup was enforced on the population. Randolph was able to film the induction of what was labeled as mental disease with the injection of the various dextrins depending on what the person was allergic to. This is all about ALLERGY. Besides the damage to endocrine organs (thyroid, etc.) and damage to neurofeedback of hormones via vaccines leading to ‘fatness’ we only have to look at the typical presentation of allergy to see that in some people with allergies the histamine response makes them balloon up like an Easter Parade attraction. When you start to look at the world that perhaps all of these ‘fat’ people have physiological damage that may be fluid and not fat, that they are literally starving to death on ‘food’ that is not food (thus eating more) and that this was all planned, done on purpose and is correctable with the proper naming of the problem, then the stigma, pain and grief that surrounds this weight issue will be resolved with possibly some righteous indignation for those who engineered it.

    1. Certainly agree with the fluid not fat premise in many cases. I call it the ‘stuffed cushion syndrome’ and mentioned it here in my own case: here.

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