‘Ready Brek’ My Way

I accidentally made a breakfast this morning that I swear tastes like the Ready Brek I had as a kid! Takes seconds to make, dairy free, gluten free, high protein and full of nourishment. Here it is for you:

Combine a good dollop of plain soya yogurt in a bowl (I used the Sojade thicker yogurt to approximate Greek yogurt), stir in a good helping of ground almonds and a swirl of organic runny honey and mix it all together well. You can eat it like that as a breakfast or dessert or, even better, load it with fruit of your choice. I used pear and apple because that’s what I had in and it was yummy, but I think berries would be particularly nice.

Tip1: You could, of course, use a mix of ground nuts and/or seeds to boost the nutrition level even more.

Tip 2: Grind your own nuts and seeds preferably so they haven’t had time to oxidise and leach nutrients. Use a coffee grinder. A good mix would be pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds with walnuts and almonds – high in essental fatty acids, zinc and B vitamins especially.


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