New Online Diagnostic Service!

For ages,  have been searching for a truly useful independent naturopathic online health questionnaire and diagnostic service to offer you if you need a fresh pair of eyes, a second opinion or simply help when so much seems wrong and you don’t know where to start.

Today I have added The Analyst service onto the site. This is a naturopathic based computer analysis service based in Hawaii (I am thinking of excuses to visit!) reviewed by real naturopathic doctors (and me!)

I don’t normally believe in using questionnaires in my consultations although I know a lot of nutritionists do, but this is different. It’s main aim is to help you pinpoint what issues might need looking at, in priority order, why they have shown up in your report and then guide you how to find out more and what treatments might be useful for you.

The report you get back is a huge 60-100 pages long and you can choose several types of report, from a computer-only one for $13 (which is all you’ll need if you are going to have follow up with me) to a full doctor-reviewed report where you can ask follow up questions.

Why am I doing this? Well, because there are only so many people I can see. Because it’s good. Because it gives answers for people at their wit’s end and, of course because it makes good business sense (I’m not daft and I do have a mortgage!!).

The report is extremely comprehensive and most people will need some help on what it all means, organising the right tests recommended and the correct and most effective remedies, supplements and diets that show up. Follow-up with me is entirely your choice and initially free. You can have the report sent to me at the same time as you and then we can both discuss it. The service is run in Hawaii, as I said, and sometimes it’s best to get a UK-spin on it, so that’s where I come in. 

Check it out here – and you can also see sample bit of a report there too. Enjoy – hope it helps.

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