Reduce Breathlessness and Improve Lung Capacity

POWERbreathe®MedicDubbed ‘dumbbells for your lungs’, the Powerbreathe lung exerciser is designed to help increase lung capacity and reduce breathlessness for peak sports fitness or for people with breathing conditions like asthma. It is like an inhaler system where you breathe air in against resistance (there are several calibrations so you start easy and work up gradually as you are able) and this builds lung strength hence, ‘dumbbells’ as it’s a bit like using weights to build your biceps! POWERbreathe®Medic

You aim for 30 in-breaths twice a day using the muscle trainer. It was developed for top athletes and is now available as a medical product either via your GP or for purchase VAT free.

Watch a video of how it works here and read more about the system here. It costs  £29.99 or £25.52 VAT free for people suffering with respiratory conditions (there is a full list on the info page above of who can get the VAT back.)

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