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Have you seen the new Nutrichef service where you can tell them which foods you don’t want to eat and they will devise a menu plan and deliver the meals to your door? They do not use any wheat or dairy in any of their meals and use 10 fruit and veg a day, so that suits most of my patients!

More often than not, I will ask patients to have a wheat and dairy free holiday to help them get well. Sometimes, life is hectic and they need a bit of hand-holding.  This service is fab for that, especially as you get used to the new diet – someone else works it all out for you and then delivers frozen meals direct to your door!

You can choose different plans from 5 days to several weeks and I worked out that they represent great value for money per day (£21 per day on a 1 week plan totally £147 for the week, or £17.50 on a 4 week plan), which I reckon is not much more than I spend on the shopping normally anyway.

This way I don’t have to think about how to avoid my allergens, do the shopping or cook it! There is no real limit on how many foods you can avoid either due to allergy or just not liking something. And they deliver on a Saturday morning. Check them out.

Here is a link to a video they have made and also here is some of their FAQ. I like them because they don’t use any wheat or dairy as standard, and they use 10 different fruit and veg in every day’s meal plan. Not bad.

What kind of ingredients do you use?
We use a very wide variety of healthy ingredients: fruit and vegetables because they provide us with minerals, vitamins and fibre; beans, tofu and fish because they are good sources of protein; rice and quinoa because they are sources of carbohydrate; sprouted beans and pulses because they are rich in enzymes that aid digestion; plus many others.

In recognition of the need to consume a wide variety of different nutrients (as raw material for all of our biochemical processes) we provide more than 180 different ingredients in a one month meal plan. Of these, there are over 80 different fruit and vegetables and more than ten a day – double the government’s target of ‘5-a-day’!

How will the ingredients differ from those found in my usual daily shop?
We don’t use any ingredients that contain added sugar, salt or artificial additives, nor do we use any wheat products because gluten (the protein in wheat) is hard to digest for many people. We also refrain from using dairy products because they have now been associated with a number of health problems. Many of the ingredients we use are organic or, in the case of fish, freshly caught in the English Channel.

Anyway, hope you find that useful.

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