30 Minute Allergy Tests

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I have just added a new range of home fingerprick allergy tests onto the shop and main websites. Sometimes, people ask if we can test if a person has a classical allergy or a food intolerance. This normally involves a trip to an allergy clinic to get an IgE test or a kit that needs a full blood test. If an allergy is found, this is classed as an ‘accepted’ allergy if you like since orthodox medicine still doesn’t officially recognise intolerance!

Now, though, Imutest have launched a range of good value fingerprick IgE allergy test kits which you can order online, do at home and get your answer in around 30 minutes! They are every bit as good as lab/hospital tests. Fab.

You can have a general allergy check to see if your general blood levels of IgE are raised, suggesting IgE allergy is involved somewhere. Or, you can test specifically for allergens including milk, egg, grass pollen, dust mites and cats. There is also an airborne allergy kit combining dust mite, cat and pollen which I think is useful for chronic rhinitis and asthma etc.

Obviously, I can organise much more complex allergy tests for you, including much more comprehensive IgE ones that test loads of items. BUT, I am always being asked for a simple quick way to test – and now I can offer it.

Have a look at the new page on the site here: http://www.purehealthclinic.co.uk/allergy-and-intolerance/30-minute-allergy-tests/. Hope you, or someone you know, find them useful.

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