Five Minute Rice Lunch

Ever had that feeling that you need a good lunch but have nothing in? I just went down to the fridge and found I had only some left over rice, an egg and a few cherry tomatoes in the fridge. But, I had a lovely meal, surprisingly, and here it is for you..

Tip some left over rice into a frying or saute pan with a little water to rehydrate and heat it through gently.

Halve or quarter some cherry tomatoes and stir those through.

Once you think the rice is warm, push it to the side of the pan, turn the heat up and crack an egg into the space. Quickly stir it around to scramble it. Once firmly scrambled (ie. not soft), stir it through the rice.

Add a dash of tamari for flavour if you have some, or chop some herbs from the garden on and season. Tip into a bowl and devour.

Tip: if you have some prawns in the freezer, put a few in with the rice at the start and they will defrost and warm through by the time you serve up.  

Mmm..comfort food!

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