Philip On Corrie!

Did you see Philip pretending to be a doctor in Corrie this week?! Probably not as you had to be really looking for him, it was so fast.

Philip sometimes works as an extra and got a call a few weeks ago from ‘his agent’ (get him!) saying Coronation Street needed a serious-looking doctor type and they thought of him.

Anyway, he was walking along with a nurse earnestly chatting about a patient complete with clipboard and stethoscope round his neck. He was behind the scene where Dev and Peter were trying to get little Simon to go in and see Adi who was just out of surgery with a fractured skull. Sounds like a soap scene!

If you missed it and really want to blink and miss him (or go back and forth loads of times watching him like we pair of saddos did…), you can catch up on ITV Player at

I felt all emulsional. My favourite man on my favourite programme. Where’s me tissues…?

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