Top 5 Histamine Food Swaps, Summer Protocol & Why It’s Worse If Oestrogen Is High

As the pollen season gets into full swing, it can help to reduce your overall dietary intake of histamine. Try these top high histamine to low histamine food swaps during the Summer:

Tomatoes → Roasted red peppers.
Spinach → Watercress or rocket.
Avocado/Guacamole → Roasted squash/pumpkin.
Chilli/hot paprika → Sweet paprika, turmeric, caraway.

Creme fraiche/sour cream → Oat cream, cottage cheese.

With thanks to Nouveau Health for those. They have also produced a useful handout on Histamine, using their Toxaprevent protocol to reduce histamine levels. I note this is for 6 months and then it doesn’t say what to do after that. I think it is aimed at reducing overall histamine throughout the Summer season, but for more long term approaches, you don’t want to continually take binders in such large quantities. See my Histamine Factsheet for better long-term approaches.

Finally, why do your histamine symptoms get worse near a period, ovulation or if you (men and women) are oestrogen dominant?

‘Oestrogen drives histamine release & histamine drives oestrogen release’ 

 During ovulation and before your period, a hormonal shift drives an increase in histamine levels. This imbalance is particularly noticeable to those with those with PCOS, endometriosis or those going though perimenopause. This increase usually worsens histamine-like symptoms. 

Anyone who is oestrogen dominant or has generally high levels of oestrogen is likely to have worse histamine issues, then. People miss this one A LOT. See my Oestrogen Dominance Factsheet here for more on symptoms you might recognise, how to test and treat it.

Hope those little nuggets help to bring your histamine pollen season levels down this year! For more on Hayfever and Histamine tips, see here and here.

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