Pomegranate and Tomato Salad

An unusual dish for you to try today. Just gorgeous on a sunny day when eating al-fresco. Packed with all-important antioxidants.

Pomegranates are one of our best friends when it comes to polyphenol content, and research has shown that some specific types of polyphenol contained within pomegranate could support mental health. Multiple papers have been published looking at the neurocognitive protective potential of pomegranate extract, and how it could support your mood.

Naringin is a flavonoid that can be found primarily in tomatoes and a variety of different citrus fruits. It is in fact what causes most citrus fruits to have a bitter taste. However, if you can get past the bitterness, there have multiple studies published looking at the possible health-supporting effects naringin can have on your body.

From inflammatory response to cognitive health, naringin is an increasingly popular topic, and our knowledge of what it can do is only growing.

Designs for Health

Get the recipe here. The pomegranate look like little jewels. Just right for the Jubilee celebrations this weekend!

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