Health Tech: I’m Trialling Three New Things!

I’m having a tech day today it seems! Three boxes arrived today, containing:

Sonic Toothbrush

My old electric toothbrush died so I’ve bought myself a sonic version from Spotlight Oral Care instead to try. Tried it this morning, very different to an electric one but my mouth feels cleaner, I have to say and my gums are less inflamed as it’s a gentler approach. I used the Sensitive function. I can’t use toothpaste so did it with my usual teatree and peppermint essential oils. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on. Next…

Water Flosser

…one of the dentists I am trying to cajole into doing my work since my teeth really need sorting out now (as soon as you mention MCAS, they strangely need to refer you on…) suggested I use a water flosser. I used to until I realised I was reacting to the water (probably corny) and it was what was inflaming my mouth the most. Doh. Anyway, I did always find it very effective and my mouth is so sensitive now, floss and brushes are painful to use.

So, I am trialling this one, again from Spotlight Oral Care, which I managed to get in a discount sale: It didn’t have the best reviews practicality-wise, but I wanted something that had the periodontal tip to get right under my gums. The trick, as I recall, is to use warm water otherwise it’s a bit of a shock! Once you have the technique right, it’s quite easy and not messy as long as you remember to hang over the sink! Again, I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with it….I’m a tad worried that the water reservoir won’t last long enough to do my whole mouth but I can get quite speedy! I wanted one that would be easy for me to hold – I’ve only got small hands! Finally…

Cephaly Dual for Migraine

BHR Pharmaceuticals Ltd have kindly sent me their Cephaly Dual migraine device to trial for all of us. It works as a neurostimulator on the trigeminal nerve, sending impulses a bit like a TENS machine but much more targeted.

I’ve always suspected many of my migraines are related to my TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) issues and to the trigeminal nerve particularly, somehow kicked off by hormonal change, food reactions and stress. Thankfully, my migraines are already less frequent and severe (thank goodness!) but when I do get them, nothing touches them, so I live in hope of finding something that will truly help. They really are the most debilitating illness – it basically ruined my face to face patient career as I could never guarantee to be well enough to be able to think straight! (This is why the email service is working sooooo well, thank you!)

You can run a preventative daily program and use it in acute mode as a migraine starts. I plan to start the 20 mins a day prevention mode and see how I get on. I’m a bit concerned it may feel weird on my head and start a migraine! I can’t usually bear anything tight on my head – even a cap, hat or even my wedding hair band thing came off within 5 minutes! You can trial the Cephaly Dual machine for 60 days and get most of your money back if it doesn’t work for you. I’d call that worth a go! Yet again, I’ll keep you posted! I wonder if I’ll look like Wonder Woman in the pic!?

Techy Micki! Wish me luck…

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