NEW: Weekly Clinic Notes (Practitioners: Listen Up..)

I’ve had an idea.

Speed-read: from now on, I will be sharing my Clinic Notes for practitioners: a weekly, skimmable list of the best content I’ve seen that week for better practice and patient care, plus clinical, case and practice pearls and done-for-you content. First issue tomorrow..

What’s the one thing, as a clinician, that gives you the most stress (apart from difficult cases!)? For me, it’s the sheer load of emails with info coming at me from everywhere. Many of us simply can’t keep up with them and, I don’t know if you’re the same, but I experience a bit of FOMO and worry I’m missing some crucial knowledge, new product, new test, an update, a piece of research etc etc that could help my practice or a particular patient!

Enter….Clinic Notes

For years I have done what I call Clinic Notes for myself. I spend some time each week going through the zillions of emails/news reports etc – whatever has come in to me – skim and assess them, then write down the nub of anything that might be useful in-clinic to improve patient care or practice.

I only bother with things I think would make a real difference to how I practice or how I might approach treatment in some way. I discard anything I don’t think can have a practical use. It creates a succinct list that I then action. It keeps me on top of my game, really!

I don’t know why, but it only just occurred to me that those Clinic Notes might be pretty darn useful to other practitioners, many of whom I know follow me and buy any factsheet and book I write (bless you), but also for anyone just interested in keeping up with health and wellbeing in general – all you expert patients out there, I’m thinking of you here!

The sheer amount of info we are assailed with nowadays in practice is really overwhelming, isn’t it? My aim is to do this skim-through for you so it leaves you more time to actually practice!

Pre-Launch Feedback

I asked a few of you lovely practitioner-followers for your thoughts on a draft version and every one of you said it was really worth having and would pay just for the clinic pearls actually. I’ve been asked so many times to mentor newer practitioners; this is my way of starting that, I think. They loved having a succinct list that is easy to skim and find what they need for their particular interests with links to follow if they need more information. Most said the best bits were my comments on them, which was heartening! You know I can’t resist putting my two penn’orth in; I don’t owe anything to anyone so I can say what I think honestly for you, and I do…(as per).

So, I’m going to start sharing my Clinic Notes with you every week, probably mid-week, when I can.

Obviously, this takes quite a bit of my time and I use my (have to say extensive) experience and clinical nouse to assess, disregard or include stuff. I also plan to include some Clinical, Case & Practice Pearls as I go along, plus maybe some done-for-you content as I get chance.

I plan to do the Clinic Notes for free for a few weeks so we can see how it evolves, if I like doing it, if you like me doing it! Then, I’ll ask you if it’s worth me carrying on and make a small charge to cover my time – £4 a month, nothing major – and don’t forget you can charge it as an expense against tax, of course; I like the idea of being a business expense, I must say!

I’ll send the first one out tomorrow for you. Let me know what you think; I hope it’s truly useful, results in lots of saved time, boosted confidence and better practice and care for patients!

If you can’t wait, you can subscribe below, thank you.

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