Sensate: A Way To Improve Vagal Tone

Just to say I have added the new Sensate wearable device to the Vagus Nerve Factsheet as an easy way to improve your vagal tone. Why a picture of a cat? Keep reading…

For those of you who have the factsheet already, here’s the added bit. For those of you who don’t – you are missing out on a crucial piece of the puzzle, especially if you have trauma, anxiety, depression or bowel issues, to name a few!

You can get £20 off a Sensate here, and that will give you a special Purehealth £20 discount automatically too – every little counts!


The Sensate is a small pebble-shaped device that you rest on your sternum. It vibrates at the same frequency as a cat sitting on your chest purring (but will stay there!) and you can listen to music on an app if you like at the same time, choosing from 10-30 minute sessions.

It is designed to stimulate the vagus nerve, calm anxiety, induce a sense of safety and has been shown to raise HRV (heart rate variability) over time with consistent use. I trialled one when it very first came out. I didn’t feel much difference at first, to be honest, although I liked the idea that I was doing something to improve my vagal tone. Mine was very poor, so I’m imagining I need to do it consistently for months most likely. It was much quicker than doing meditation, though, and got me to the same place. The creators do say it is like meditation but without the years of practice!

Others have let me know that they really rate it and find it very soothing, has helped calm their asthma or breathing problems, helps them sleep and one uses it for lowering reactions – which I am intrigued by and must try!

So, if you feel you don’t want to do the exercises above, or want something in addition to those that is meditative and easy, then the Sensate might be a good fit for you. You can get one here, and that link automatically gives you £20 off, too, especially for Purehealth peeps – yay.

You can see a video here about the Sensate and a useful review article here. Note that both say it is expensive, but it’s been reduced a lot since these were made/written. I think it was brand new then and they’ve managed to lower production costs, thankfully.

Hope that helps. I always like it when things are made a tad easier for us! Here’s the factsheet for you if you’ve not got it yet.

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