Free Lose Your Belly Fat Book: New Year Pressie!

If you’ve started this year with the usual “must lose weight” resolution, then your luck is in!

My most popular book in January – and most of the year, actually – is the Lose Your Belly Fat ebook. My 40 page missive will show you how to get that weight to shift off your middle once and for all. And I’ve just fully updated it for 2021.

It usually sells for a fiver – and you can purchase it here still if you prefer. But this year, I wanted to give you a gift since we’ve all had a bit of a rough time of it.

Of course, there is more method in my madness, as always.

I am very mindful, in this ever-extending COVID era, that people carrying excess weight and those with metabolic issues like diabetes tend to be more vulnerable and have a harder time with the virus. Belly fat is directly linked to a loss of insulin control and the Belly Fat diet and protocol will help you regain that control, lose inches from your stomach and also beat the bloat.

You will be in better metabolic shape in just a few short weeks if you follow it. That has to be a good thing at the moment, doesn’t it?

So, this is my new year’s gift to you. All newsletter subscribers will get a free copy of Lose Your Belly Fat in the next newsletter, and if you’re not subscribed yet – why not??! – you can sign up below.

The newsletter is usually a round-up of the latest blog posts with a personal message from me, but one of my next jobs is to upgrade it for you and include some other stuff, so I’m working on that.

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The next newsletter will look a bit snazzier! It will come from a different company – Mailerlite rather than Mailchimp – as I’ve changed to a better system for us.

I hope you find the book useful and like the new-look newsletter when it arrives. I’ve not written it yet, eek!

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