New TGF Grain & Dairy Free Snacks Factsheet

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I know sometimes finding quick, satisfying and healthy grain and dairy free – truly gluten free – snacks is not easy – especially when you’ve got the munchies and could eat your own earwax!

To help, I have compiled 21 simple recipes to inspire you. Each has only a few ingredients, there’s no cooking involved and I’ve focused on things you can grab easily or take with you wherever you are going. I often use some of these for lunch too!

Some recipes are treats for hot days – especially the Mojito Sorbet or Raspberry Ice-cream, some are just crunchy and easy, such as the Spicy Walnuts and others are to remind you of some fab old stand-bys – tuna on cucumber slices, for example.

I’ve included plenty of notes to give you options and ideas plus, I hope, some useful TGF reminders so you don’t accidentally ingest any grain or dairy – but do make sure you check and double-check anything so it suits your particular needs: this can only ever be a guide for you.

OK, so off you go and enjoy some new ideas. Who said a TGF diet can’t be easy and delicious?! Nom, nom!

I hope they help x

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