What Are The Real Causes of Depression? Clue: It’s Not Just Chemical Imbalance!

Great TEDx video here for you today with a chap who has interviewed some of the leading experts across the world on anxiety and depression. He wanted to know why so many people are seemingly not coping with life as well on a day to day basis, why mental health issues are on the rise.

We all know that some people have a chemical imbalance in the brain – I measure your neurotransmitter levels often enough to see where those imbalances are! That can make a huge difference, but it’s not just about that.

If I am faced with a person who is anxious or depressed, I do indeed check and help to correct any neurotransmitter imbalances, but I also talk to them about where in life things might not be going so well. Sometimes it is easier for someone else to see the problem – are they lonely, frustrated in work, is a relationship just not right any more for them, are they just treading water in life and have lost all sense of what they’re doing with the years left..? All of those are causes of depression and anxiety. We can do all the fixing of chemicals we like with drugs or more natural methods, but we also have to sort the life-causes out.

That’s what this chap is on about anyway. Do watch it if you’re struggling. It could help.


His new book on the subject is out on Kindle now I think, but the paperback’s due out in January. For even more info, check my Stress, Anxiety and Depression factsheet here.

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