Nine Useful Homeopathic Remedies For Winter Chills

A useful run-down from my former homeopath, Karen, on useful remedies to have in for coughs, colds and Wintery nastiness. Some of these I know from experience, can stop a problem developing pretty darn quickly. I always have this First Aid kit in my cupboard for just such eventualities; it contains the most common ones at least. You can guarantee you won’t have the right thing just at the time you need it – and that the shops will have just shut for the holidays! Happily, they are sucrose pillules you dissolve on the tongue so don’t contain lactose, gluten or grains (so TGF safe).

Homeopathy has proved itself highly effective in treating influenza, and other flu-like acute respiratory illnesses.  It has been used in treating epidemic disease for centuries, with impressive and well documented results – see my previous blog post for more on this topic.

Homeopathic treatment for flu relies on matching the symptoms you are experiencing to the correct remedy.  Below you will find a brief portrait of nine remedies commonly indicated in flu or acute flu-like illnesses.  If you would like to know how to safely self-prescribe for mild symptoms and for first aid situations, see here for my free e-book My Top Ten Homeopathic Remedies for how to safely self-prescribe.

In more serious cases of flu it is of course sensible to seek medical advice.  Do contact your doctor, and for professional homeopathic advice, you can contact me here.

Bryonia is indicated when there is a prominent cough, which is dry, hard and painful – so much so that the person finds they need to hold their head or chest when coughing.  There will often be pain in the joints, and the symptoms are very much worse for any kind of movement.  They want quiet and to be left alone.

Gelsemium is needed when the person feels heavy-limbed and drowsy, with a dull headache.  There will typically be dizziness and trembling on attempting to get up.  They feel tired and apathetic, and there will often be a prolonged low grade fever without thirst.

Arsenicum is the remedy which is indicated when the person is excessively weak with the flu symptoms, exhausted to a greater degree than the symptoms would suggest.  There is prominent chilliness, and they want warm covers at all times.  They are extremely thirsty, and feel restless and anxious with the symptoms.

Nux vomica is one of the main remedies for flu which is accompanied by nausea and vomiting.  There is fever alternating with chills and shivering, and they are highly sensitive to drafts or uncovering.  The person is typically very irritable and impatient during the symptoms.

Eupatorium perfoliatum is needed when the flu is characterised by pain deep in the bones, which feel almost as if they are broken. There is typically a headache, with pain felt in the eyeballs, and a bruised feeling in the muscles.  They toss and turn in bed, but the restlessness they feel does not relieve the pains.  Eupatorium is a remedy often indicated in flu epidemics, and will provide relief if the symptoms match.

Pyrogen is often indicated in more serious flu.  It is needed in cases where there is generalised bruised soreness, which makes the person very uncomfortable, as if the bed feels too hard.  They are restless but feel weak – so weak they feel as if their limbs are scattered about and disconnected (compare Baptisia).  They are typically flushed, burning hot, and sweaty, but perspiration doesn’t provide relief.  Their sweat tends to be smelly, and they often have bad breath.  There is an intense, bursting headache.  Characteristically, the pulse rate is often out of proportion to the fever – for example, if there is a low grade fever the pulse is typically rapid.

Baptisia is a remedy often indicated in flu, especially where there is marked soreness all over the body, with weakness and extreme fatigue.  They feel too ill to move, and movement makes them feel worse.  The patient who needs Baptisia often has a characteristic dazed or confused expression – it can look similar to Gelsemium, but they are often more confused, perhaps not knowing where they are, or feeling ‘drugged’.  As in Pyrogen, the degree of weakness can leave the person feeling as if their limbs do not belong to them.  It is one of the main remedies for flu with gastric involvement, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Phosphorus is a remedy for flu where there is a sudden onset with weakness and exhaustion.  The person wants cold things, and in particular they have a strong desire for ice cold drinks, which may be vomited when they reach the stomach.  They typically feel anxious and want sympathy and attention. There is a short hacking cough, and they will want to be propped up in bed. A Phosphorus type flu typically has bronchial involvement, with a tight chest and loss of voice.  They are very thirsty and easily dehydrated.

Belladonna is a well known homeopathic remedy often used in acute febrile illness, and will be helpful in cases of flu which are congestive in character – they will typically have a flushed face with dilated pupils, and experience a throbbing, pounding headache, which may be more right sided.  Symptoms tend to come on suddenly.  The person is acutely sensitive to light and noise, and feel much worse for lying flat – they want to be propped up in bed.  Sleep is often restless, and they will typically spike a fever in the hours after midnight.  They may become delirious with the fever.

If you would like to get in touch with me for further advice, or to book an appointment, you can contact me here.


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