It’s Not All in Your Head – Or Is It?!

If you suffer from one of what I call the ‘hypersensitivity syndromes’ like ME, chronic fatigue, multiple sensitivity to food and/or chemicals or fibromyalgia (or all of them together which is pretty common in my personal and clinical experience so I tend not to differentiate between them much nowadays), then you will have heard the ‘it’s all in your head, take a chill pill or this antidepressant’ advice many, many times.

The fact is that it IS actually probably going on in your head – but not for the reasons they are suggesting! OK, stop shouting at me now!! What I mean is that, as per the Healing Plan where I explain this a lot more, the conditions are very likely to have a brain and central nervous system component. I subscribe to the amygdala theory where the body is stuck on high, sensing everything as a danger and reacting accordingly. In order for many hypersensitives to get better, you have to work on turning that amygdala switch back down again.

In addition, you will very likely have developed very strong neuroplastic grooves in your brain that have now become so strong that they are conditioned responses at a subconscious level. You have lost control of what your body is doing in what it thinks is a bid to protect you. You need to work on building new neural pathways that tell your body the opposite and let those old ones weaken so you regain control again.

See – brain and nervous system work is going to be crucial for many people’s recovery – so, in a way, it could well be all in your head – or in your brain at least! That’s not to say the symptoms are not physical – of course they are; I’ve felt them myself and there’s no imagining that! It’s just that the brain has a lot more to do with it than we have previously thought – in my personal and clinical experience anyway.

HP edition 2  You can read my Healing Plan here where I show you exactly what I did to work on my brain in those two areas, and more.

But you don’t have to just believe me. Here’s a good video from Ashok Gupta who has an amygdala retraining programme for these conditions. Have a look at it – and keep your mind open. This is science, not woo woo stuff, I promise, but I am finding it does come as rather a shock for some people – and why wouldn’t it? – we are trained to see things very much from a biochemical and physical perspective so looking at it from this point of view can be challenging. I didn’t believe a word of it at first myself! However, in desperation, I suspended my disbelief in my own case – and it worked! I didn’t actually do Gupta’s programme in the end as you’ll see in the book, but the theory is pretty spot on so have a gander.

I hope it helps.

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