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I’ve been brushing up on my neurotransmitters and mental health conditions knowledge the last week or so, rather enjoying myself a little too much watching training videos etc! It really is fascinating stuff.

The main test I do is the Labrix NeuroBasic. It’s a goodie because it measures the key neurotransmitters (NTs). It used to include the main six, but has been extended now to nine, with PEA, histamine and glycine added. The beauty of testing is that it can help identify what pathway is going awry. For example, pretty much all of the NTs can be involved in memory and cognition issues or anxiety and depression problems, but if you can see which NT pathway is having a problem, it shows you the way to target treatment more effectively. It’s not always about serotonin!

PEA is an interesting one; not much research on it yet but it is fast becoming a key marker for ADHD – most sufferers have low PEA it turns out and boosting levels can help regulate attention without causing any stimulant effect. This might be really useful in children and adults for whom Ritalin either isn’t an option or hasn’t helped. On the other hand, high PEA is like taking an amphetamine where someone is wired, anxious and just over-stimulated in lots of ways, even paranoid.

As I said: fascinating stuff.

I found this Neurotransmitters primer from Labrix, which I thought might be useful for some of you. I’m just working on the Neuro Advanced mentioned there and will add it if I think it can be useful for us. It does everything the Neurobasic does, but also gives much more on the metabolites, which gives an insight into how the enzyme pathways are working. NTs need certain enzymes and nutrient co-factors to be produced effectively so it makes sense to look at both. Anyway, I’m working on that for us..

UPDATE: I couldn’t get the Labrix Advanced one but have listed Doctors Data Comprehensive Biogenic Amines – which sound terrifying, but is the exact same thing 🙂

You can see the Neurotransmitters test section on the shop here. I often combine these with a hormone and adrenal screen too for a really wide look at what’s going wrong with someone – they are so interlinked. For that I most often use the DUTCH Complete, which you can see here.

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  1. This test panel looks fantastic, Micki! thanks for bringing this to my attention. . . . In the 1960’s and 70’s Carl Pfeiffer and William Walsh did groundbreaking work in coming up with orthomolecular medicine and treating mental illness based on analysis of a person’s neurotransmitter status. It is great to see their insights being improved upon with modern testing procedures to give even greater clarity and detail of neurotransmitter status. . . . Also, important for people to remember that neurotransmitters don’t stay just in the brain, so these protocols are not just for mental disorders. NT’s travel throughout the body, so people with any kind of chronic or autoimmune condition should have this kind of testing done. Once you know about an NT imbalance you can take steps to correct it with nutritional supplements and food, and usually get good improvements fairly quickly and safely.

    1. Yes, I’ve used Pfeiffer’s work for many years now. You make a good point about other body areas being involved. One reason for doing this particular test is that it gives an idea of body levels, not just brain as NTs are not just produced by the bran and central nervous system. For example, much of our serotonin is produced in the gut.

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