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If you are avoiding foods because of autoimmune disease or chronic illness generally, it can sometimes involve knocking some spices out of your diet, which leaves much of your food bland as heck.

I love spicy food and used to make a mean curry, but I’ve not been able to get spices in for a very long time now. I originally followed the AIP (autoimmune protocol) list of spices to avoid to reduce nightshades and the more inflammatory types, but found that I was sensitive to pretty much everything. I think now that might be because many of them are dried, rather than fresh and may have a mould on them – harmless to most, but my system doesn’t seem to like it. I think that’s also the reason I can’t take ready ground coffees or dried teas, fruit or otherwise. Such a shame. If I have fresh herbs I have grown myself and teas made from those, I am generally OK.

In fact, I am starting to think that mould sensitivity is an albeit mild issue for me and that may be related to mercury and general toxicity in my body. Dr Chris Shade (more on him in my Detoxification factsheet), reckons this may be because of a lowered NRf2 detoxification mechanism, so I am currently looking into that and I have some of his DIM product ready in my fridge to have a go with! Look at the little video here for more info on this – I am hoping I can tolerate it as he reckons it helps to lower hyper-reactivity to foods and chemicals. It will hopefully be part of the hypersensitivity protocol I am trying to build for us. (If ordering by the way, please use my name Micki Rose when it asks you to register as it helps me get some commission which goes towards buying all these different things to try for us, thank you; it costs a fortune!)

Anyway, I digress. Back to spices. I thought this post from Eileen at Phoenix Helix might be useful for you – it is the definitive list of AIP safe spices with her hints and tips on using spices successfully and getting a bit more flavour and heat into your dishes.

Spices on the AIP | Phoenix Helix


I am so desperate to try fresh chilli but note it’s not on there. Maybe I’ll try horseradish or wasabi instead for now as I am usually great with roots.

Enjoy – and hope it helps to pep up your meals!



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