Meditation Was Massive For Me

This is the title of a little video snippet for you, but it could be me saying that! Here, the lady is illustrating in her own recovery story EXACTLY what I have said in the Healing Plan for you: that the approach has to be two-step and done in the right order.

She explains how she had to use meditation to calm herself (and her amygdala) down because diet change, yoga, supplements etc were just not doing anything for her – the body was too stressed to take it all in. Literally.

Then, when she was calmer, she started looking at her thoughts and beliefs that were unhelpful to recovery and trying to change them. This is where the neuroplasticity, brain-retraining and hypnotherapy comes in.

It is precisely what I did to get well. I think of it as Calm, Reveal, Deal!

The second part of the video is how she coped with being a Mum as well as trying to get well. It is very telling that she now feels she is a much better parent because of it, despite the tremendous guilt she felt at not being able to do things with her kids in the early days. She has been a model for her children of how to self-care and that will be a true life-skill.

Do have a watch:


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