AOR Antioxidant Synergy – Use This Instead

One of my favourite products of all time I note has gone out of stock and people are asking what to use instead. Natural Dispensary have advised it will come back into stock but not for a good while – and then I’ll have to check it to see if anything has changed.

image descriptionIf you have been taking AOR Antioxidant Synergy, you are lucky as we can’t find anything that even comes close to it!

CoQ-Gamma E 60'sThis Co-Q-Gamma-E product is a good standby whilst we’re waiting for the AOR product to come back in. It is much lower dose but does have some useful stuff in it including the E Complex and the R+lipoic acid form.

Neither product is cheap, but they are full of synergistic and the important network/recycling antioxidant nutrients. I give it mainly for heart protection, inflammation and chronic disease.

Hope that helps. If anyone spots anything similar or when the AOR is back in stock, do let me know! Thanks to Christine for searching for us, too..


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