Truly #Gluten Free Supplements Master List Update Out Now!

truly gluten free supplements master list cover  Just to let you know I have today released a load of updates for the TrulyGlutenFree Supplements Master List. This is the list of grain and dairy free supplements we have found so far. All are corn-free – I say this for the benefit of our US readers, I know many of whom need corn-free supplements: many of the recommendations are available across the pond for you too.

  There are loads of updates this time; I have been a busy bee, hassling suppliers and companies it seems every waking moment. I was surprised at just how much hassling I had done since the last update in March; suppliers must really hate me 😉

The highlights in this update include:

  • new herbal info with a revised no-go list from Herbs of Grace and info on SHS on which of their products are safe and which aren’t,
  • two new ranges of homeopathics that look really promising and should provide symptomatic help, not least a different barrier repair approach when I have worked that one out,
  • a new Meds section with a painkiller and an antibiotic and
  • a new Miscellaneous section starting with safe no-corn-glue plasters!

I have added several TGF safe adrenal supplements from the TGF Adrenal Plan if you have that, a new D3 5000iu, and, holy grail: even a potential new TGF safe multi and Vitamin C from sago palm!

Lots more in the pipeline, as always. If you know of anything, do tell me so I can tell others and share it.

If you haven’t yet got this master list, please do save yourself a load of time and effort as I am doing all the legwork for you! I can’t tell you how many emails I get every week with people asking if this or that is safe, what can they take instead of x, can I recommend a grain or corn free supplement etc etc. My answer: download this list and you’ll get all the free updates like this one too. Makes yours and my life much easier 🙂

If you don’t even know about the issues with supplements and why you need to find grain free ones rather than gluten free, read this:

When a supplement says it is ‘gluten free’ it means it is free from one gluten fraction called 33-mer gliadin rather than actual gluten, and even then it can contain up to 20ppm in line with current coeliac regulations. Myself and many of my patients and readers of the TrulyGlutenFree blog react to the very supplements they need to get well simply because they still contain enough grain gluten to make them ill. Those supplements can then cause symptoms and prevent healing. It’s a vicious circle.

Interesting? Carry on reading here. 

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  1. Hi, Micki,

    I have not received the update for the master list. Have I dropped off of your mailing list for this?

    Thanks, Maureen

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