New #Adrenal Plan Released!

Ta-dah!!! At long last, after six months of research and writing, not to mention over a decade of clinical experience with adrenal fatigue patients, I have just released your new Adrenal Plan.

Adrenal Plan cover

I am SO chuffed to have done it. It is one thing to know in your head as an experienced nutritionist what to do when a person presents themselves in the clinic with adrenal symptoms, but quite another to explain to someone all the intricacies of how to DIY adrenal recovery. I quite shocked myself at how many nuances I consider really without even consciously thinking about it too deeply; I guess it is because it is a field I have specialised in for such a long time; it almost comes naturally now.

Anyway, I really hope it will help. I get so many people asking for adrenal support and now I will be able to say ‘follow the plan’ and know they will be getting sound advice.

So, if you were waiting for it, sorry it took me so long: I wanted to get it just right for you.

If you need a TGF safe one (grain free), bear with me a week or so longer; I am TGFising it next and will release that too asap.

Here is the info for you…

The Adrenal Plan

Fed up with feeling tired, foggy and anxious and just feeling like you can’t cope with life as well as you used to?

Snap. That’s how I felt. And that’s how many people in-clinic feel too. The problem could well be your adrenals, especially if you have been under chronic or acute stress for a while, get constant infections, allergy reactions or inflammation. All of those really drain our adrenals and, as they get more and more tired, so do we. When it goes too far, we can feel chronically wiped out. 

How to test and treat adrenal fatigue, this 123 page ebook is based on the clinic protocol I have used for patients for over a decade, and it has rarely ever let me down. 

It includes much more on testing and how to interpret your results, the adrenal diet, a detailed and product-specific supplement protocol (available internationally by mail order), a full product guide appendix and how to get support.


  • Welcome and Housekeeping                                                           
  • Introduction
  • What’s Going Wrong?                                                                      
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • The Importance of Aldosterone
  • DHEA Detail
  • How To Recognise Adrenal Fatigue
  • The Link With Oestrogen, Progesterone and Thyroid
  • The Adrenal Fatigue Stages
  • What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?                                                      
  • The Adrenal Stressors
  • Can It Be Reversed?
  • Best TestsThe ASP
  • SIgA
  • Other Adrenal Tests
  • Test Result Analysis: Which Stage Am  I?                                    
  • SIgA Results
  • Adrenal Treatment                                                                              
  • The Conventional and Non-Meds Routes
  • Adrenal Recovery: Lifestyle                                                            
  • Adrenal Recovery: Diet                                                                    
  • Adrenal Recovery: Protocol  including core nutrients, adrenal boosting, cortisol control, raising DHEA, lowering DHEA, raising SIgA and lowering SIgA                                               
  • After The Plan                                                                                   
  • Getting Support                                                                                
  • Appendix: Product Guide

The Adrenal Plan is based on over a decade of specialising in this area and I wrote down what I find works for the vast majority of people with this type of fatigue problem. Most people feel much better after 3-4 months on adrenal recovery in my clinical experience, so don’t put up with that horrid feeling any longer, download the Plan straightaway here.

For more info, read the full Adrenal Fatigue factsheet and then go straight to the tests or download the plan to guide you. I have kept the price right down for you considering the wealth of experience and time that went into it, so all you have to lose is that horrible crushing fatigue feeling. Ugh, I remember it well. 

Right, I am off for a rest. Hope it helps.

9 Replies to “New #Adrenal Plan Released!”

    1. Blimey, that was quick, Carolyn! Thank you. I am sitting here feeling elated and slightly tearful with relief! Maddo. Next feeling now is ‘aargh, I hope people like it!’.

  1. Hi Micki – just a quick note to say I really think this is excellent – well done. I had a passing dream of you being able to educate GPs with this document – how to make this happen… A couple of questions – most important of which – do you know which of the recommended supplements are TGF? Also, what dose of 7-keto do you recommend generally for women? I was taking 5 – 10mg of DHEA daily – presumably it is best to start with a similarly super low dose of 7-keto? I had a Myers cocktail infusion last week, which is obviously B vitamins and vitamin C plus Mg and Ca. Although I felt significantly better I suspect this is actually not the way forward as it possibly thumps the adrenals too hard? Best wishes, CarolynDate: Mon, 13 May 2013 17:10:29 +0000 To:

    1. Hi Carolyn, thank you for those lovely comments. I can stop hiding now then that someone has read it and liked it :).

      I did say in the blog post that I will shortly be TGFising the Adrenal Plan and releasing that version so this is not TGF. Ask me when the TGF version comes out and I will send it for you.

      Re 7 keto, see page 98 for dosages. You cannot correlate the dose of that with DHEA as they are entirely different. With hormones, always start low and build up rather than ‘thump em’ as you say!

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