Multi With Cassava C Now Back In Stock

Many of you will recall that ARG’s MultiViMin without copper and iron was found to have corn-derived Vitamin C in it instead of the cassava-derived Vitamin C it was meant to have. I discovered this after a few of us started reacting suddenly.

We have been waiting patiently and I diarised to chase the issue monthly since we found out. I am pleased to say that ARG advised me last week that they now have some stock of cassava back in.

I have checked with Natural Dispensary and they have ordered some in for us. Please make sure that you ask for and get sent

Allergy ResearchGgroup MultiViMin without copper and iron lot number  0313076, expiry date 04/15.

Any other lot number will be corny.

You can call ND or send them an email or message with your order, but DO check you get the right stuff as it is very easy for them to pick and send the wrong one.

ARG also advised it is really difficult to get the cassava C and…

 it may be as late as August before we can get the cassava source c in stock again. 

Please stock up and do advise me if you get a different lot number in future so we can see it has changed and I can check it out again. That’s the only way I will find out, no doubt.

Dr Osborne’s Multi

I also know some of you are waiting for me to try Dr O’s new supposedly TGF-safe multi. I have had it sitting on my desk for almost 3 weeks now and have been waiting for them to confirm safety since the label contains ascorbyl palmitate but the website doesn’t. I have chased several times but they are not the best at answering questions, as we have discovered before, and this makes  me feel nervous. I wonder if anyone wants to try it instead of me – I’ll send you a few if you like! I have checked everything else out and it does look like it should be fine, so fingers still crossed.

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