The Boy Who Can’t Eat Or Smell Food

C sent me this story today which is about a little boy with eosinophilic oesophagitis who reacts to almost all foods. As sad as the actually story is, just look at the comments underneath.

Admittedly, this is a Daily Mail story and the comments on that website are renowned for being pretty awful, but as C points out: here are the prejudices people with even this severe form of food allergy have to face, let alone many of us failing to get meaningful support and understanding from friends and family. Beggars belief. I feel sorry for people who have the kind of mindset that enables them to write such nasty comments; they must be very sad and bitter people.

Ok, rant over. Back to trying to solve the problem!

For more on EE – eosinophilic oesophagitis, FoodsMatter have done quite a few articles. Here’s just one, but use the search box for more.  Basically, it is accepted more in children but adults often have difficulty swallowing and a feeling of food getting stuck.

Hang on, that’s me!

Seriously, I think EE is just one of the allergy/inflammatory symptoms many gluten sensitives have – I keep seeing it in many of you. Remember, the oesophagus is just a tube of skin. Skin is a barrier. It stands to reason that an inflamed skin barrier will swell and feel tender. This inflammatory reaction is an immune response and so it wouldn’t be surprising to find raised levels of eosinophils in the oesophageal tissue, as you might in bowel or external skin tissue. That’s my thought on it anyway.

I think anyone with EE should be tested for coeliac and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. May not be the only allergy involved but I can bet it won’t be helping and may even be the triggering one. Our aim, don’t forget, by removing all glutens (the grain free diet) is to reduce the inflammatory and immunological reactions known to occur in the barriers and elsewhere in the body.

Anyway, my musings in case they make sense for someone… Personally, my oesophageal swelling only occurs now if I eat corn or citrus. Thankfully, rarely.


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  1. Yes my GP made a comment this morning “you can’t be intolerent to all food you wouldn’t survive”. I thought well I know of people who are intolerent to quite a lot actually!

    1. Good thinking, Sandra, yes there is a lot of buzz around faecal implanting currently. fascinating, thanks for reminding us 🙂

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