DIM From Broccoli For Aggressive #Breast Cancer

Broccoli combats even the most aggressive breast cancer, say scientists

22 October 2012

Compounds from vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts can combat even the most aggressive types of breast cancer, scientists have revealed this week.
An ingredient called diindolylmethane (DIM), which is found in the vegetables, is the active ingredient that can beat even triple-negative breast cancer, the most aggressive type that affects around 20 per cent of all sufferers.
Scientists from Florida’s and Texas’s A&M Universities say that a new compound made up of DIM is more effective, and less debilitating, than current conventional treatments available, such as chemotherapy.  
The scientists told a major pharmaceutical conference last week that they were “confident” the new compound represents an effective and safe alternative.
The fact it can combat triple-negative breast cancer is especially impressive.  This type grows faster, spreads to other parts of the body earlier and is harder to detect by mammogram screening, which invariably fails to spot fast-growing tumours.
(Source: The 2012 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists annual meeting and exposition, Chicago, Illinois). WDDTY e news Oct 12


This is not exactly news, really. Naturopaths have been saying this for years.

I have myself given DIM lots of times for people with imbalanced oestrogen levels (some oestrogens are protective and some are definitely not; the trick is to see the balance and DIM is known to offset the bad ones). I have recommended it regularly for oestrogen-sensitive conditions like endometriosis and risk of breast cancer so it’s nice to see science catching up as usual. I so hope this gets listened to as we badly need alternatives to help prevent breast cancer cases.

So, how do you find out what your balance of good and bad oestrogens is like? Simples. With this urine test. Well worth having done. The oestrogen balance test is also included in the useful Menopause Test which also gives you an early warning check on bone density.

And this is a good DIM supplement although do get some specific advice from a qualified and experienced practitioner always of course.

Whilst on this subject, I have been asked about mammography today – see here where I wrote about them.

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