#Gluten Treatment – Barrier Plan Package

You may have noticed in the last few days I have taken down the membership for the Barrier Plan and instead have replaced it with a Barrier Plan package you can purchase that comes with no fewer than 12 supporting documents and free updates. This is cheaper in the long run for you – and I have to say easier for me to administer – than a membership. I should have done it this way in the first place – keep it simple, stoopid! Many of you have said you wanted to just be able to buy the whole thing so now you can.

The Package Includes:

  • the full 70 page Barrier Plan with the test plan, barrier diet, lifestyle and product-specific protocol. There have been some recent changes and this is the most up to date plan.
  • all 12 documents that were available for members-only. This way, I know all of you have got the most up to date info and everything you need to do it right and have the best chance of getting well. Much better.
  • free updates that will come to you in a regular (probably monthly) newsletter for those who have purchased the package

and, best of all, as I know some of you were planning to become members in the near future, I have made it almost half price for a limited time so you can get going.

You can read all about what is included in the package here with details on every document, plus you can download the free 30 page Allergy and Intolerance 101 Factsheet and I have posted the full test plan there to start you off.

Keeping In Touch

You can natter with me and others on this blog and twitter @trulyglutenfree as usual and email me for advice as and when you need it instead of having to be a member and use the forum. Most people continued to email me direct so that is clearly what you need. I aim to please.

I hope that makes things simpler for you. Make sure you get your package before the price goes up. Those who became members will have the package free – everything is already in your resources.

I will do another post on the Barrier Plan changes next, too.

Good luck – get well!

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