One-Week Quick Start Plan

Struggling to stick to that new diet? Need some more inspiration? Here’s my New Year present to you: a quick-start weight-loss plan from my Belly Fat ebook . Enjoy. And remember these are BOGOF at the moment too – see here.

Note this plan is not calorie-counted or measured in any way so you can mix and match meals or swop anything you like; it’s simply here to give you a place to start if you need one. All the meals are taken from the ‘Meals To Enjoy’ section of the book and I have tried to make the meal plan realistic to fit in with daily life. It’s probably not perfect, but it’s good enough – and that’s how your attitude should be. You don’t have to let it take over your life – and you should enjoy your food.

I have assumed you are like me and work Mon-Fri, don’t have much time in the morning, are too tired to cook on Friday night after a long week and have a family roast on Sundays. I have also assumed it’s easier to take leftovers to work for lunch the next day.


Breakfast: Bowl of Fruit Smoothie sprinkled with seeds

Snack 1: Handful of mixed nuts and a pear

Lunch: Slices of Beef/Chicken/Turkey from yesterday’s Sunday dinner with salad

Snack 2: 3-4 squares of proper dark chocolate

Dinner: Spanish Omelette and roasted veggies

Supper Snack: Dish of olives


Breakfast: Melon, berries and yogurt

Snack 1: Couple of oatcakes and some hummus

Lunch: Left over omelette and salad

Snack 2: Pumpkin seeds and a few cherry tomatoes

Dinner: King Prawn stir-fry

Supper snack: Few squares of dark chocolate


Breakfast: Muesli, berries and soya milk

Snack 1: Few olives           

Lunch: Chicken or crab/mayo lettuce wraps

Snack 2: Nuts and fruit

Dinner: Tofu and veg casserole with quinoa

Supper snack: Bowl of strawberries with soya cream


Breakfast: Soya yogurt, seeds, chopped nuts and fruit

Snack 1: Raw broccoli and hummus

Lunch: Tin of sardines in tomato sauce and salad

Snack 2: Piece of fruit and some pumpkin seeds

Dinner: Chicken kebabs or organic salmon fillet and a little brown basmati rice, millet or quinoa with roasted tomatoes and pine nuts

Supper snack: Bowl of spicy popcorn


Breakfast: Fruit Compote and soya yogurt topped with flaked almonds

Snack 1: Small Innocent smoothie and a few nuts

Lunch: Left over chicken kebab or salmon and rice

Snack 2: Few squares of chocolate

Dinner: Thai Curry takeaway and portion of bean sprouts. Glass of wine.


Breakfast: Non-buttered, naturally smoked kippers

Snack 1: Handful of cashew nuts

Lunch: Mushroom omelette (at home or out)

Snack 2: Dish of olives

Dinner: Steak and salad

Supper snack: Strawberries and soya cream


Breakfast: Mushrooms, tomatoes and 2 meat/gluten-free sausages

Snack 1: Some raw veg like carrot or broccoli pinched while making lunch!

Lunch: Sunday roast (meat or nut) with roasted veggies and GF gravy, followed by baked apple. Glass of wine.

Snack 2: I would hope you’re too full!

Dinner: Salad leaves with olives, pine nuts and antipasti

Supper snack: Handful of cherries or half a melon.

Good luck. Contact me for more help if you need it.

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