Statins Over Prescribed

Read the link below to the Daily Telegraph story: ‘MILLIONS TAKING STATINS ‘NEEDLESSLY’.

How long have I and others wittered on about the dubious necessity of prescribing statins for so many people? At last, sense looks like it is winning. There are so many other steps you can take to prevent heart attacks and reduce cholesterol if you need to.

Now, this research suggests that unless you are at high risk of a heart attack, they are not going to do any real protective work and have proven to be a big waste of money for the NHS. What happened to the constant argument that orthodox drugs as opposed to natural medicines are proven, tested to within an inch of their lives and only prescribed to people who really need them? Pah. Makes me spit thatso many natural remedies with thousands of years of safe use behind them are pilloried and fought against when this sort of thing is going on with so-called ‘proven’ drugs..

Controversial, I know, but I aim to get someone’s cholesterol to around 4.9-5.4 for real health. Remember, cholesterol is a good thing in the body and very necessary. The current trend for getting it down as low as poss (in the 3s for ‘high risk’ patients), I think can backfire. Cholesterol is needed to keep the cell membranes strong and impermeable. I have a feeling that I would rather my cell membranes were not leaky and my cholesterol within that more healthy range than artificially low.

There is much debate over the ‘cholesterol myth’ and the statins prescribing has, frankly, worried me a great deal over the past few years. It seems practically everyone I see in-clinic is being recommended it. This report suggests 1 in 3 people over 40 are on a statin! Big Big Bucks, methinks. Wait for the backlash to this story…

Read the report from the Telegraph below and see my other posts re statins and the clinic factsheet on high cholesterol. John Briffa has also done a great comprehensive summary of the research report , plus a video of him commenting on it on Channel 4 news – Caution Urged in Prescribing Statins.

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