New Postal, Hospital and Walk-in Test Labs Listed

You’ll note that I have added Blue Horizon (postal), Private Blood Tests (via Spire) and Blood Tests London (walk in Central London) to the lab test options for you – all three with a special 10% discount code for you to use (WJ10PHC). Yay!

You can click on any of the buttons below to order whatever you need. And don’t forget, there are extensive factsheets on the main lab tests to order for eg. Adrenal, Thyroid, Immunity, Detox, Gut, Nutrition or whatever here: LAB TESTS FACTSHEETS. I try to keep them as up to date as possible and change them if I think a new test supersedes an old one, or some markers change or whatever. It’s your lab testing resource.

IMPORTANT: If using Genova or Invivo, please send me an email or forward me the confirmation so I know where to send results when they come in. If you don’t email me, I can’t send them! I’ll send you any done through Purehealth or Cyrex. For the rest, you will get the results direct and can then book any Support you need here. All results will be released after payment is received.

The New Lab Test Details – Three Options

Blue Horizon send out postal kits and you can either collect the sample at home if the test allows or use a phlebotomist at one of the listed phlebotomy sites at an extra £30. They provide a tracked 24 envelope to return the sample to the laboratory. You get your results direct.

Private Blood Tests – you request the tests you need and can then attend a number of Spire Healthcare Hospitals to have it done. No postal kit needed. You get results direct.

Blood Tests London – simply request the tests you need online, then attend the walk in clinic in central London. Simple. Results sent direct to you as soon as they are ready.

I hope you find those additional labs useful. Any queries, just email or live chat me as usual.

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