Clinic Notes: Issue 5, July 22

CHILDREN: SCARLET FEVER. Lucinda at Naturedoc has done a great post about the rise in scarlet fever in the UK including symptoms, treatment etc. NATUREDOC

NUTRIGENOMICS. I see the lovely Anne Pemberton has released her new book Using Nutrigenomics Within Personalised Medicine: A Practitioners Guide. Go Anne! Also, I see the foreword is by Lorraine Nicholle, who I met at a conference eons ago, had a lovely chat and have, sadly, never seen her again; I must remedy that if I ever leave Cornwall and make it to that there London!

EXERCISE: WEIGHT LOSS. What’s the best time of day to exercise? A study suggests women who worked out in the morning lost more fat, while those who trained in the evening gained more upper-body strength and power. As for men, the performance improvements were similar no matter when they exercised. But those who did so in the evening had a significant drop in blood pressure, among other benefits. MEDSCAPE


Do you have a database of people who specialise in certain fields? It can be SO useful. If you’re new, start one right now; it will pay dividends in the future.
I used to have some software years ago, but nowadays I put names, email addresses and specialisms into Google Contacts and label them.

For example, today, I was contacted by a distraught lady who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Could I help? Well, yes, probably, but it’s always better to refer to someone who specialises in a certain subject. I immediately gave her the Cancer contacts in my list, which were: and

I don’t know either of them personally – I should but my natural shyness encourages me to bury my head in the cyber-sand – but I do know of them, and have seen them recommended on forums etc. When I see recommendations, I always look them up and, if I like the look of their approach, I add them to my Contacts list.

Our job as healthcare professionals is far more satisfying and patients are better served by collaboration and community. It’s a team effort to help people get well often. In my naturopathic health centre near Manchester years ago, I generally had the global overview of a case and managed a team care approach. If they needed counselling, that’s what they got, physical therapy, allergy therapy, acupuncture, diet coaching or whatever we felt would help them. It worked beautifully and we got many people well – and less lonely with their illnesses!

In today’s online world, we can still achieve that – use your contacts list and refer on, keep the patient coming back to report in to you and manage their case. True community support and case management.

LONG COVID/CHRONIC ILLNESS. A custom amino acid and Krebs cycle blend was recently used successfully for Long Covid patients. I’ve contacted them to ask if we can get it in the UK. Source: IHCAN, July 22. AMINO-THER

INFECTIONS: COVID PREVENTION. A daily 1% mouth rinse, gargle and 0.5% nasal rinse with dilute hydrogen peroxide solution has been found to prevent Covid-19. ORTHOMOLECULAR NEWS

DIET: KETO. The peeps at Zoe recently did a podcast about what happens in your body on a keto diet. Judging from the discussion and comments underneath, it’s as controversial as ever! ZOE

FATIGUE: STRESS: ADRENAL FATIGUE. Interesting post encouraging us to stop using the term ‘adrenal fatigue’ and switch to HPA Axis Dysfunction instead. I get the premise and reasoning, agree within peer circles, but how many patients do you know would find you on Google if you called it that? Not many. PRECISION DIAGNOSTICS

PRACTITIONER SELF-CARE: COMPASSION FATIGUE. Do you have compassion fatigue or burnout? Listen to this podcast and see if it sounds like you. NMJ

GUT: DONE-FOR-YOU RESOURCE: PRE- AND PRO-BIOTIC FOODS. Healthpath Pro have recently added a great px handout on this to the portal. Nice and simple, great to explain which foods you need them to eat more or less of. HEALTHPATH


81% of women feel stressed by the financial situation currently, 61% think it is affecting their health, 40% are skipping meals, 55% are buying cheaper food and 39% have reduced spending on supplements. This is a problem waiting to happen health-wise, isn’t it? MEDSCAPE

What can you do?

Can you use social prescribing methods to help them? Things that don’t cost anything, but would make a real difference to their long-term health outcomes, both physical and mental. Can you send out a factsheet or free ebook/video on free ways to manage their health eg. walking, community groups (Meet-up etc), breathing techniques, refer them to or create some free meditation/mental health resources? How about art or crafting online, photography, colouring, free forest-bathing sessions, online classes?

Show your patients you care about them and understand the current difficulties. Look after them – like a marriage: in good times and in bad! At the same time, you are helping to prevent an epidemic of worsening health issues later on. This is what we’re good at in natural medicine – time for us to show our real skills and credentials, I reckon! For inspiration, see what one GP is doing here. Source INVIVO.

If anyone has something like this already or writes/creates something, do share it – send it to me on email or reply in comments and I will share it with others on here, if you like – we need to look after each other’s health just as much!


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Clinical Pearl – top tips for prescribing exercises to patients.

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