Clinic Notes: Issue 4, July 22

Thank you to all of those who sent coffees and subscribed to Purehealth enews and Clinic Notes – I’m so glad you liked Issue 3 and the subscriber bonus bits. Here’s Issue 4 for your delectation. Do let me know if I’m hitting what you need or tell me what you would like more/less of. I’m learning and letting this evolve!


This week, subscriber-only extras include:

Practice Pearl on which patient population needs our help most, why knowing that might help you build or expand to a successful clinic – and a tip on how you might attract them!

Clinical Pearl on how to talk down patients obsessed with Dr Google so they will listen and do as you suggest.

Case Pearl – why does Vitamin D go down even though you’re giving supplements?


INFECTIONS: PARASITES INC CANDIDA. I see Nutri Advanced have done a useful infographic leading us through their various candida/parasite products. I’ve long used their CandiSolve – which isn’t on the infographic, actually – as part of my Candida Plan to help break down the yeast cell walls. I find it makes a real difference. I always include liver support too to avoid detox/Herx reactions. In fact, my plan is 3 stages – prep, kill, repair! Nutri Advanced.

CHRONIC ILLNESS: MOULD AND MYCOTOXINS. Alternative Therapies Magazine is doing a series on this issue which looks very good. Part 1 is here. My two penn’orth is that all the treatment in the world is not going to help unless you resolve any ongoing exposure.


In 2020, Professor Zucker from Berkeley carried out a review of more than 5,000 studies and found that when men and women are given the same dose of a drug, women experience side-effects such as nausea, heart problems, headaches and seizures nearly twice as often.

This is because, at the same dose, women had higher concentrations of the drug in their blood and it took longer for the drug to be cleared from their bodies.

They found that this was happening with more than 80 commonly prescribed medicines taken by millions of people in the UK every year. DAILY MAIL

This is essentially historical medical male bias, or medical misogyny. It is vital that we wake up to the differences in care for women and men – however you define gender. Two books worth a read on this subject are Sex Matters by Dr Alyson J McGregor, which is all about this medical bias and Invisible Women, the Sunday Times bestseller by Caroline Perez, which puts it into the context of bias in everyday life.

MORAL OF THE STORY: are the side effects of meds affecting your female patients more and is their condition being taken seriously enough by your medical peers – do you need to educate or even advocate for them?

GUT: PREBIOTIC COFFEE. Loved this idea of adding prebiotic powders to your coffee. Would be great for gut and food intol patients to increase SCFAs and improve T cell regulation. INVIVO.

Gut problems? Try adding prebiotic powders to your coffee – great idea! Ask me how. #IBS #foodallergy #foodintolerance Click To Tweet

CHRONIC ILLNESS: BRAIN RETRAINING. Have you come across the Gupta retraining programme for CFS/ME, hypersensitivity, MCAS type patients? I have used it myself and recommend it to patients. It’s not the easiest thing to do and it didn’t help me (because it overstimulated me at the time and I gave up!), but many people do have success with it. They are offering free access to practitioners to see if it might help their patients. Here’s a video from Dr Mather of the Ruscio Inst discussing how he uses it. If you want to see what I ended up doing, see my Healing Plan here – I’m still a work in progress and I need to apply myself to this again, doh! GUPTA.

CHRONIC PAIN: GENETICS. This looks fascinating: a new DNA Pain test. I have long wanted to know more about why some people develop chronic pain and others don’t. I’ll be watching out for this one as I can’t see it on the system yet. NORDIC

WOMEN: PCOS, PMDD, PMS. Came across this useful overview of myo-inositol for PCOS sufferers. I have used this quite a bit for women with PMDD – Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder – too, which is when women have PMS most of the month. Here’s a blog post I wrote about it eons ago, but the myo-inositol has rarely ever let me down so  thought I’d share that for your hormonal patients – I even got a bunch of flowers from a grateful partner once! NUTRI


You’ve just had to tell a patient they have to come off grains and dairy, or even go full AIP (autoimmune protocol). This is always a shock for them and I find the quickest way to calm them down and show them they’re not looking at a horrible cardboard-food life is to immediately send them somewhere they can view tasty recipes! There are lots of places around so here are a few of my favourites.

My own! TrulyGlutenFree Pinterest boards have well over 1000 recipes now for all sorts of restricted diets. I’ve been building it for years.

Autoimmune Wellness have a ton of AIP recipes.

The Jamie Oliver site has over 1000 GF recipes, plus a special diet section with Vegan, DF and Veggie ideas. If Jamie’s done it, it must be OK!

For Grain-Free (and many others), I always use Elana Amsterdam’s site and books. They are very nutty but delicious.

WOMEN: PREGNANCY. Women given folic acid supplements during pregnancy would be better to take the methylated 5-MTHF form because some of them will likely have a genetic issue with conversion in the body. ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES.

#Pregnant? Are you taking the right form of folic acid? Some women can't convert normal folic acid into the active form so need to take the MTHF form instead. Ask me about it. #pregnancy #folicacid Click To Tweet

GUT, CHOLESTEROL, ALLERGY, WOMEN. We’re starting to see a lot more single strain probiotics come out now, aren’t we? This week, there is a new 3 strain L. plantarum from Biotics. Plantarum is said to be specifically good for lowering cholesterol, but also helps with mood, leaky gut, the vaginal microbiome and the immune system. More info from Biocare here (and they have a combined plantarum and sterols product specifically for regulating cholesterol). BIOTICS

CANCER. Nordic VMS have launched their Trucheck Cancer screening tests, which look fascinating and have real preventative health potential. TruCheck looks for circulating tumour cells from 70 solid tumours in asymptomatic people. TruBlood looks for evidence of cancers when a biopsy is inconclusive or can’t be done. Learn more with the video here. They’re doing a follow-up video here too in July.

Want to test for 70 different cancers in one blood test? Had an inconclusive biopsy recently? Not sure what to do? Ask me about the new pioneering TruCheck and TruBlood tests now available. #cancer Click To Tweet

INFECTION/TOXICITY: WATER. Wild Swimmer? Check this warning about increasing water toxicity. MEDSCAPE

CANCER: VITAMIN D. A call for Vitamin D to be added to everyday foods to reduce cancer an estimated 130,000 deaths across Europe that’s 9% of the total! OK, it’s sheer guess work, but I’m willing to believe it would have an impact, aren’t you? MEDSCAPE

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