Top Tips To Improve Bladder Health

Did you know that over 14 million women in the UK suffer with bladder problems? Blimey, that’s a LOT of accidental widdling, isn’t it? 1 in 3 women will get bladder leakiness at some point in their lives – think sneezing, for a start!

Here are a few things that could help. Jude have done a 5 Tips for Bladder Health post, which is pretty useful. I love their pantone reference to measure the colour of your wee too!

I noticed that Natural Dispensary have started stocking the Plastfree natural pads now too, which includes some daily liners.

There is another Jude post here (they specialise in bladder health) which takes you through good and bad foods for urinary health.

They do some supplements for bladder health or you can get eg. UrinVita from ND as usual. I would also think about collagen and the strength of your linings and tissues in general – we get a lot less elastic as we get older! If you see your skin getting a tad more saggy, that’s also going on inside! Consider regular bone broths and/or a collagen supplement as well as your pelvic floor exercises.

Talking of pelvic floor exercises, over 50% of women are thought to be doing them incorrectly, so it doesn’t work. There are tons of gadgets and apps, nowadays, even shorts you can wear, that make it much more effective. Woman & Home recently did a review of their favourites:

The best pelvic floor trainers, recommended by experts and tested by us

And here are loads of types to look through on Amazon, including the top one, I note.

If urinary tract infections are more your problem, take a look at D Mannose – works brilliantly as a preventative but also if you get it in right at the start of an attack. More women should have some in their bathroom cabinet, I reckon! You can read more about it here.

Hope that helps!

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