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After 30 years in natural medicine, I am always being asked to help newer practitioners. So, here are a few ways I can help…

First, subscribe to Clinic Notes, my skim-read practitioners’ digest focused on practical stuff you can use immediately in-clinic. If you’ve ever wanted someone to just get to the ‘clinic pearl’ quickly and save you the time, this digest is for you.

It’s a list of the best content I’ve seen that week for better practice and patient care, plus clinical, case and practice pearls and done-for-you content.

You can see the archive here. And subscribe here.

Oh my word, this is SO great. Someone else to read all the emails so I can get on! Thank you for inventing this, what a fantastic idea! G, June 22

This is super useful – and bite sizes snippets of info are just my style to avoid overwhelm. Thanks for sharing!

This is blinking brilliant! Thank you 🧡

Practitioner Email Support

Need help on a case, some support for clinic practice, a newbie and not sure how to start off or need some confidence/someone to chat stuff through with?

You can book Practitioner Support here.

After 30+ years in natural medicine, over 20 as a full time clinician, I have a lot of clinical and personal experience that might help you, especially if you’re just setting out on your journey (am jealous; I would luurrve to do it all again!). Bear in mind, I am not a conventional practitioner and I tend to think outside the box a bit. I worked out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to practice, developing my own philosophy as I went along! It clearly worked.

I think if you have passion, humility, are willing to work in partnership with your patients and you truly care, people will find you and stay with you. I have many followers and patients from over two decades ago who regularly contact me, which really gladdens my heart. I tend to act like a natural GP for many. If that’s what you want too, just ask and I’ll try to help you get there. One thing’s for certain: day one after qualification when your first patient is sitting in front of you is when the learning – and terror – and excitement – really begins!

I have added some email services specifically for practitioners to help.

Book an Ask Micki, then send me an email with your questions. I’ll get back to you asap. If we need to go back and forth a bit, that’s fine.

Oh my word – you are amazing….this is super helpful. Thank-you so very, very much. N, June 22

…superb insight and analysis as always! No waffle and all relevant and highly useful. Fantastic service. R, May 22

If you prefer ‘time in the bank‘ and to ask me about things as they occur, just book 60 minutes and we’ll count down over time. A sort of retainer, if you like.

If you prefer me to go over a case and give you my take on it, you can book a Case Review instead.

You can book the support you need here.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to book, just email me ( and I’ll advise. This service will evolve, no doubt, as I learn what practitioners need most from me, but let’s start here…

I recommend you to everyone I know who wants info/help on their health (I’m a nurse so that’s quite a lot of people!). You do great work and I’m so grateful for your website. S, May 22

I continue to be amazed how the depth and breath of your newsletters
and the wonderful information that you share. Are your days 36 hours in the UK?!! From J, a naturopathic US doc, April 22

A bit about me…

My specialisms are generally food intolerance, hypersensitivity illness, the gut, trauma-triggered illness, fatigue and gluten illness (NCGS especially). I brought the first testing for NCGS and the gluten gene test to the UK long before Cyrex helped me out ;). I started operating by telehealth over a decade ago – and got told off by BANT (who was right…?!), I taught myself functional lab testing way before functional medicine and testing was even a thing. In fact, I designed my own training with separate courses to cover much of what I thought I needed to be a ‘good’ practitioner and was way ahead of the importance of ACE Disorders, vagus nerve and trauma-triggered illness that is just getting going now.

My emphasis has always been to support people trying to get themselves well. I give most of my time and knowledge away for free; as long as I have enough to pay my bills and have a nice life, I’m happy. I’m not one of your ambitious types who want huge or several clinics; it’s all about patient care, honesty, making sure you’re the best you and the patient can be. That said, don’t worry: I do believe in getting paid properly for what you do! We are specialists and so important in the medical community.

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