Biolab Closed For Good

Sorry to announce that Biolab has closed down permanently this week. If you recall, they were closed temporarily to get some work done on their premises after a CQC assessment (nothing to do with their testing) and the process has taken so long with delays etc that it has, very sadly, finished them off.

This means we have lost one of our key labs; they were always so helpful and efficient, I am really sad about it. I’ve worked with them for over two decades.

So, we can no longer get the Biolab PEG test, pyroluria, red blood cell magnesium, individual minerals etc as easily. I have already replaced some of those for you and they are in the Test pages/on the shop. I’ll work on the others. I have also added on three new lab services for you, see here.

We wish Mark and everyone at Biolab well with their future.

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