Clinic Notes, Issue 6, July 22

I just realised this never went out – so sorry, technology, huh?! I thought it was quiet…. doh!

TESTING: BIOLAB. I was so sad to learn from dear Mark that Biolab is closing for good. The CQC closure and delays have finished them off. One of the best, cheapest and most helpful labs and I’ve worked with them for two decades. A sad day, and we wish the best to everyone at Biolab. BIOLAB

TESTING: HUMAP/DUTCH. Doctors Data is launching its new HuMAP urinary metabolite hormone test, clearly as an alternative to the DUTCH test we all know and love. I’ve asked if Regenerus will do an easy crib sheet to compare the two tests for us. HuMAP looks pretty similar to DUTCH Complete (no CAR). Take a look and register for the webinar to learn more about it. HuMAP/ REGENERUS

SLEEP: INSOMNIA. 1 in 5 UK adults suffer insomnia. Recent research calls out the ‘striking’ and ‘appalling’ lack of long term data on the use of insomnia drugs and most seem not much better than placebo, but with side effects.. CBT is first-line therapy but often not available. What else can we do to help? See my Insomnia tips here – I find 5HTP, magnesium and anti-histamines help some, but not others. Check blood sugar drop too if waking roughly 2-4am. MEDSCAPE

NUTRITION: DIET. I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to get patients to eat more healthily. There’s a new Green Curry Coconut Milk in a tin from Biona; just pour over a load of veggies and you’re done! BIONA


How many illnesses or conditions can you think of that are exacerbated by stress? Zillions. Most of them, to be honest. One of our jobs as clinicians is to discourage stress and foster feel-good, positive feelings to avoid unwanted epigenetic switches, autoimmune flares, adrenal pressure, mental health worsening and so on.

As I sit here in the inferno that seems to be the UK at the moment (Monday 18th July 22), we could all be forgiven for being just a little eco-anxious currently. This is a real source of stress for some people. Why not recommend a positive climate change film for them to watch instead of all the doom and gloom? A hopeful Dad-to-Daughter vision of the future we could have by 2040 if we rolled out even just the changes we have available to us right now. Fascinating, and hopeful. For a change. 2040, TOGETHER FILMS

Eileen from Autoimmune Paleo was working on the same theme this week on her podcast Navigating The News, which might be worth listening to and sending out to your patients.

I often recommend a news fast to my patients, especially if I think they are a bit addicted to scrolling. I include it as a major part of their prescription and ask them to do it for a week. It’s amazing how they can break the habit of feeding anxiety, horror and the like to our already negative-biased brains which just luurve to suck it all up. And most of them are so shocked at how different they feel, they don’t go back to doing it. Result. You just effected an epigenetic positive switch in their bodies, which can only benefit their future health 🙂

TESTING. FDX have split their tests into three types now, I see: Index (fingerprick, quick and easy markers), Essential (blood but no centrifuge required, mid-range testing) and Professional (blood with centrifuging required, advanced testing). It means patients don’t have to spend a lot of money if they only need a few markers and don’t have to find a centrifuge phlebotomy service. FDX

LONG COVID. The neuro and psychiatric long-term effects of Covid are being underestimated. Look for anxiety, depression and brain fog alongside the fatigue in these patients. MEDSCAPE

COVID: DEATHS. Most deaths from Covid occurred in diabetics and dementia patients. We should take notice of that and work with those patient populations more since we’re likely to be having more virus assaults in future. MEDSCAPE

TESTING. I see that DUTCH tests are now available on the Healthpath Pro system. Liking seeing the test side start to ramp up on there now. HEALTHPATH

ALLERGY: CROSS REACTIVITY. KBMO have done a great crib sheet on possible food cross-reactions, For example, if your px has a grass pollen problem, might they also have an issue with melon, tomato or orange (to name a couple)? KMBO


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