Clinic Notes, Issue 7, July 22

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TESTING: HUMAP, REGENERUS. Last issue I mentioned that Regenerus are launching the new HUMAP test as an alternative to DUTCH. I asked them to give us the top reasons why it is different to the DUTCH. Here goes:

1. HuMap is a urine sample which is more sensitive [than dried urine].

2. HuMap is able to measure Progesterone and its metabolites because it is urine not dried urine.

3. HuMaps layout and colour coding is very different

4. HuMap does not have Organic Acids but you can add a NeuroBasic Panel which looks at Neurotransmitters.

5. HuMap is cheaper because it doesn’t contain Organic Acids.

They also did a DUTCH v HUMAP Comparison Chart when I asked for one for us – I’ve popped that in subscriber-only stuff below as it’s not suitable for general consumption on the blog. Subscribe to get that. REGENERUS

ALLERGY: SKINCARE. Don’t forget that your sensitivity patients will also absorb potential allergens via their skin. Make sure part of their Rx is free from skincare. The FreeFrom Skincare Awards winners for 2022 have just been announced. Check them out. Then, make it easy for px to find what they need. Here’s how I do it. If I had time, I’d do a lot more individual product links.

DONE-FOR-YOU RESOURCES: BRAIN FOOD HANDOUT. Healthpath Pro are saving me doing resources for you. I see they have just added a new px handout on Food for Brain Health. HEALTHPATH PRO

MEN’S HEALTH: SNORING. Yes, I know: that’s a bit sexist: many women snore too, don’t they?! However, my OH has started it, so it’s on my mind! Dr Axe has done a great tip sheet for snoring and Higher Nature have a NeverSnore product. Any other tips, do pls share; I could do with some sleep…

WOMEN’S HEALTH: PCOS. Just to even it out for you…top meds that seem to work for PCOS. MEDSCAPE. I also included this as I don’t agree with their statement that PCOS is ‘associated with increased body weight’. It isn’t always. I have it and when I went down to a size 6 once, nothing changed at all.

CANCER: MELANOMA. There has been over a 200% increase in melanoma skin cancer cases in men since the 1970s! It’s also increased in women. Package holidays, men not using sunscreen, taking their shirts off more?? MEDSCAPE.

WOMEN’S HEALTH: HORMONES. Really enjoying some of Dr Carrie Jones’ podcasts recently and particularly this one on How Should You Eat and Exercise During Each Phase of Your Cycle? I didn’t know some of this, so it was useful. RUPA HEALTH

TESTING: VITAMIN D. FDX have done a lovely, thorough update an all things Vitamin D. Good refresher. FDX Also see my factsheet on it here for the parameters I look for in results. VITAMIN D

BACK PAIN. Fascinating new treatment being explored for back pain: injecting a hydrogel to ‘fill’ the nooks and crannies to lessen movement, grinding etc. Isn’t that what we are trying to encourage with collagen supplements already? MEDSCAPE

SLEEP: INSOMNIA. The Townsend Newsletter has done a whole issue on this topic. TOWNSEND

BRAIN: DEMENTIA. Reversible lifestyle behaviours can reduce dementia risk by 40%! They are: low education, hypertension, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, alcohol or substance abuse, diabetes, smoking, and depression. ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION


Sinusitis is a horrid condition. Patients feel blocked and it is painful, to say the least. Some experts think some sinus pain problems are actually a type of migraine, so do bear that in mind.

If the patient is really blocked up, though, try using proteolytic enzymes (1-6 per day for a few days, between meals, reduces inflammation and helps break down the mucus structure) and NAC, an effective mucolytic, to break the mucus down. For more info, see here and here.


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