New: Updated Truly Gluten Free (Grain, Corn & Dairy Free) Supplement Master List

Christine and I have at last finished the latest TrulyGlutenFree (grain and dairy free) Supplement Master List update for you and I have now put it on the shop here in the TGF section to download.

This really takes a lot of work, so please do use the trusted supplier links and send us a coffee if it helps you or your family, thank you.

It’s an important update (as always) but it is now up to 120 pages of free info for you. I know! This time, there are tons of new things including new sections of Superfoods, Glandulars, Protein and Bone Broth powders, new enzymes (Tolerase is now superceding DPPIV for gluten digestion), plus two new appendices of corn in Medicines and Covid Meds.

Lots of manufacture changes – (thanks eg. Biocare for adding rice flour as a filler!) so we’ve tried to highlight those for you and added plenty of new suggestions.

Hope you find it useful. Please download it and keep yourself up to date. In the meantime, we’re desperate for a coffee!

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