Pre and Probiotics Needed on Coeliac Diet

Research out recently – albeit from a very small sample – suggests that people on a coeliac or gluten free diet would benefit from taking prebiotics and probiotics because their microbiome is short on healthy bacteria.

This is no doubt the case for most on a restricted diet mainly, as the study suggests, because of the lower intake of complex carbohydrates and the polysaccharides in them. You can rest assured that those of us on grain free diets and AIP etc will be needing them even more!

10 healthy subjects followed a GFD for one month and faecal microbiota was analysed.  This study showed that inflammatory markers were significantly reduced, however the number of healthy gut bacteria also decreased. Based on these findings, the author concluded that a GFD does not lead to complete normalisation of the gut microbiota, and supports the consideration to promote polysaccharide and probiotic intake in treated coeliac disease patients.


In fact, a lack of the right bacteria in the gut will make our sensitivities worse over time. Could this be one of the reasons why so many coeliacs and gluten free-ers seem to develop more and more issues with food over the years? Quite likely.

I do a LOT of gut testing and I see butyrate and short chain fatty acid (SCFA) levels low an awful lot. Is that because my patient cohort is mainly people on restricted diets? Maybe.

If you don’t have enough butyrate, you are more vulnerable to a leaky gut. If you don’t have enough SCFAs generally, you are more vulnerable to food sensitivities as you are not controlling the immune system as well as you might. See more on this subject here:

Multiple Sensitivity: Are Your Dendritic Cells on Overdrive?

So, you need SCFAs and butyrate. How do you get those? A variety of different fibres in your diet. So, if we are cutting out a lot of fibres and foods, our SCFAs are going to drop and we don’t have as many T reg cells as we should to control reactivity, plus we get more ‘leaky’, which pushes us towards more autoimmune issues. NOT what we want.

The solution: as many different veg as you can. I often give a kind of ‘veg shot’ as part of a protocol. I also recommend something like Enterovite to replace SCFAs directly too because often people simply can’t eat enough of the right foods to correct the issue. And a good probiotic: I often give one suitable for SIBO cases as many food intolerants/coeliacs have issues with that: SIBIOTICA. You’ll need to register with my code to order these (4Y2AE7).

Hope that helps! I’m almost done with the forthcoming Food Intolerance Plan where there will be more stuff on this subject for you too. Getting there…

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